Canada’s first-ever International level match was held against the US as it has been known as one of the exciting games that was featured as ICC association have held that the Canadian team have their first international tournament, which was categorised as massive in both the sense – first was for the exposure of the player and second was for the representation purpose.

1. Hamza Tariq 

He is considered as the Pakistani-Canadian player who has been playing for the national team when he was in the age of 19 years as his official position was of wicketkeeper. Eventually after gaining all type of skills and techniques he was been positioned as the batsman with quoting of ‘one of the best Canadian promising batsman who has the potential to beat any record of the matches’.

2. Shreyas Movva 

He is considered as one of the most outstanding batsmen and fielder that has been named as the status of vice-captain of the national office team for the implied squad for the year of 2019-20. As the regional tournament which would be held in the slot of super 50 in the nation of west indies.

3. Harrobindeep Sekhon 

Harrobindeep is labelled as the Canadian player who has been positioned as the best batsman and fielder as is been named after the regional tournament of the super 50 which was held in West Indies. He made his first appearance at the domestic level and then he was appointed as a member of the national team.

4. Saad Bin Zafar 

He is a commendable bowler as he is considered as the all-rounder of the team who has a good grip over bowling and batting as well, wherein his record of achievement in which the average strike rate which was initiated as 104.1 and if there will be consideration of bowling skills that is also excellent.

5. Navneet Dhaliwal 

Navneet is also considered as the current captain of the Canadian team who has represented the team in interstate and national level both as held upon the position of batsman who has played from the squad of league division of ICC world cup match as he was having an excellent performance in the matches and possesses up to 126.4 strike rate.

6. Salman Nazar 

He is considered as the international player who has played all the defined formats of the official level that have been held as one of the best all-rounders and been positioned as the orthodox bowler of the national team that has been assigned as the best fielder under the squad of 17 and 19 after he got selected for the Canadian national team.

7. Junaid Siddiqui 

He is one of the finest players which Canadian national team possesses that have played all the format of the game within the year of 2011 as he started playing cricket as a career when he was in school and have represented the team in the domestic, local district, and an international platform wherein the performance was consistent throughout the series.

8. Yax Patel 

Yax is the national representative player who has been labelled as the Canadian player as he was a fledge representative of the national team who has made the list A of the debut of the team as Canada fought against the Leeward island in the regional match with an average of the wicket-taking he has not been said as the outstanding wicket-taker.

9. Arslaan Khan 

He is designated as the all-rounder of the national team as he was been named after the Canadian squad in the year of 2019 for the regional tournament of the super 50 players that was held in West Indies. as he made his first squad match when he was in domestic matches and then he was appointed for the super 50 players.

10. Jeet Mehta 

He was been termed as the efficient batsman of the Canadian team who has joined the squad in 2019 as the regional tournament of the super 50 players which was held in the west indies, moreover, he was been enlisted for the list A as the debut of the international match which was against the Leeward Island as he has given an efficient performance.