In general thought and viewpoint of cricket it was fairly introduced that Canada had an excessive amount of talent which was having the British soldier in the greatest war fought after the Battle of Plain of the Abraham which was held in the year 1759, as the earliest confirmation was made with the due reference of the cricket wherein the soldier used to play cricket, and would have an extensively skilled wicketkeeper.

1. Nitish Kumar

He is one of the elegant captains and batsman of the Canada national team they have achieved many awards from the association after getting appointed as the captain or leader of the team only at the age of 22. As an Indian-Canadian player who has an immense level of skills towards batting as well as bowling possesses outstanding stats and record towards the team.

2. Hiral Patel 

An Indian-Canadian player who has presented the team at interstate level who is an excellent bowler with the slow orthodox nature who has been named as the dashing, stroke player, and one of the rising stars of the team who have prominence towards the record of six wickets just by giving one run. With due performance made by the player he was initiated with may awards, that have appreciated in a wide extent.

3. Saad Bin Zafar 

He is a commendable bowler as he is considered as the all-rounder of the team who has a good grip over bowling and batting as well, wherein his record of achievement in which the average strike rate which was initiated as 104.1 and if there will be consideration of bowling skills that is also excellent.

4. Navneet Dhaliwal 

Navneet is also considered as the current captain of the Canadian team who has represented the team in interstate and national level both as held upon the position of batsman. He was appreciated according for the team who has played from the squad of league division of ICC world cup match as he was having an excellent performance in the matches and possesses up to 126.4 strike rate.

5. Hamza Tariq 

He is considered as the Pakistani-Canadian player who has been playing for the national team when he was in the age of 19 years as his official position is of wicketkeeper and also as the batsman with quoting of ‘one of the best Canadian promising batsman who has the potential to beat any record of the matches’. He has been taken up the domestic team from the national initiated for the uplifting the status.

6. Junaid Siddiqui 

He is one of the finest players which Canadian national team possesses that has played in all the format of the game within the year of 2011 as he started playing cricket as a career when he was in school and have represented the team in the domestic, local district, and an international platform wherein the performance was consistent throughout the series.

7. Ravinderpal Singh

Ravinderpal is named after the squad 2019 series which was held under the format of ICC championship tournament that made against the team of Namibia who possesses the cricket league division that was been held in the year 2019 which was Singh as the member of the official national team and was held for the position of the batsman.

8. Salman Nazar 

He is considered as the international player who have played in all the defined formats of the official level that have been held as one of the best all-rounders and been positioned as the orthodox bowler of the national team that has been assigned as the best fielder under the squad of 17 and 19 after he got selected for the Canadian national team.

9. Rayyan Pathan 

Rayyan is considered as the Canadian player who has played in a single cricketer of the ODI that made an eventual position as the bowler within the squad of under 19 team that was during the tournament which was held as World Cup Qualifiers and also participated as an oversea cricketer.

10. Harsh Thakre 

He is the Indian-Canadian player as he made his first debut which was against the regional tournament that has prior cricket squad for the 2016 world cup that has played around many matches and series throughout his career as his performance was very impressive that have been categorized for undoubtedly as the best bowler.