The Canadian national cricket squad participated in its opening T20I game on 3rd August 2008, opposite the Netherlands, as a part of the 2009 ICC World Twenty-20 Qualifying team, succeeding the game by five wickets. The stem of new Canadian cricket, although comes from the areas of top Canada, in general Toronto, and then presented as York. When Canada was declared a nation in 1867, cricket was so famous it was represented as a national game by John Macdonald, the then Prime Minister of the Canadian state. The current captain of the team is Navneet Dhaliwal and the Current Coach of the team is Amarinder Bhinder. Here are the top 10 best players of the Canada cricket team-

10. Jimmy Hansra

Jimmy is a mid-order batsman and sometimes an off-spinner. Hansra started participating in cricket at a young age at school. Jimmy was declared as the leader for the Canada cricket team opening his leadership for the ICC Americas T-20 championship that took place on 17th–25th July 2011 in Florida.

9. Hamza Tariq

Tariq was born on July 20, 1991. Hamza is a Pakistani batsman who participates in the Canadian cricket team. He has played for the squad in the Under 19s team. Hamza executes as a wicket-keeper batsman, and he has been known as "one of Canada's best batsmen." During the championship, Tariq was on the notice for a corrupt crime.

8. Geoff Barnett

Geoff is not playing for Canada for several years, as Geoff is absent due to his promises with the Central District of New Zealand. However, Geoff was chosen for the Canadian team for several matches in qualifiers for the 2011 ICC World Cup. Geoff hit 131 runs in 5 T20I games at an average of 32.75.

7. Ruvindu Gunasekera

In February 2018, Ruvindu was well-known in Canada's team for the 2018 ICC World Cricket league three tournaments. On 4th June 2018, Ruvindu was chosen to participate in the Vancouver Knights on the participant's plate for the opening version of the Global T20 Canadian championship.

6. Hiral Patel

Hiral participated in his opening outstanding game opposite Afghanistan on 19th February 2010. In his opening games, he hit 55 runs and bowled 13 overs, and took just 1 wicket. In September 2021, Hiral was known in Canada's Twenty-20 International (T20I) team for the 2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifying championship in Antigua.

5. Ravinderpal Singh

Ravinderpal made his Twenty-20 International (T20I) opening for the Canadian team opposite the Cayman Islands on 19th August 2019. In the opening match, Ravinderpal hit 101 runs from 48 balls to be known as the first batsmen for Canada to hit a hundred in a T20I match. Ravinderpal is also the first Canadian to hit a century on his T20I opening match.

4. Ashish Bagai

Ashish had the most significant batting average in the Under 19s World Cup in January- March 2000. Sent to the 2002 Under 19s World Cup, Ashish's batting style was not valued, making a tie with Bangladesh. Ashish led the Canada team while the 2011 Cricket World Cup and scored 64 (not out) opposite Kenya.

3. Navneet Dhaliwal

Dhaliwal was born on 11th October 1988. Navneet is a Canadian cricket player, and he is the present leader of the Canadian cricket team. In September 2018, Navneet was a well-known player on Canada's team for the 2018–20 home Super-50 tournaments in the West Indies. Navneet was the top run capturer for the Canadian team in the championship.

2. Rizwan Cheema

Rizwan was chosen as the leader of the national way for the ICC America Division two Championship 2008/10 in Bermuda in Ashish's unavoidable discharge and had been waiting in front of the big push in the 2011 Cricket World championship. In the Canadian T-20 tournament in September 2008, Rizwan scored ten sixes, more than Jayasuriya or Afridi, and he was the team's top run-scorer with an average of 60 in the tournament.

1. Nitish Kumar

Nitish was born on 22nd May 1994. He is a great Canadian cricket player who was the initial leader of the cricket team. Nitish was chosen as the men's team leader in September 2016 at the age of 23. Nitish is a right-handed batsman and bowls right-arms off-spin. Since presenting the team in the 2011 Under 19 World Cup in February, Nitish made his One-Day International opening the next month, to become the third-youngest participant in the books of ODIs.