The total stats, and record which was observed that there are only ten teams who have been contesting in the national level tournaments. Moreover the count is 300 male players which are very high as comparative with the female initiatives, there are many players who has been categorised as the batsman that have achieved many appreciations.

1. Amjad Sher 

All along he was able to play nine matches, and nine innings in all the defined format wherein all the total run which was made is 146 and the highest run he possessed was 38 not out, in the bowling criteria, he was able to achieve the awards and initiation as his best performance was by taking away three wickets just by giving 14 runs to the opponent team.

2. Raaz Mohammad 

Raaz is positioned as the all-rounder of the Finland national team who has played four matches and three innings wherein he was able to make up to 49 runs that was held as the man of the match, though he has not represented the team in a national and international level that much but he had given an exclusive performance in the domestic and local level.

3. Vanraaj Padhaal 

He is considered as one of the most vulnerable batsmen and has been a wicketkeeper for the limited series of the tournament, he has played around four matches and was able to secure the total run of 94 against the Ghana national team possessing an average rate of 31.33 and striking rate of the batting arena as 191.83.

4. Nathan Collins 

Nathan is one of the outstanding players who is been having the strongest grip over the batting skills and efficiency towards wicketkeeping for the limited-over series as he has played around nine matches, and nine innings wherein the total run which was made 265 and alternatively the highest run which was possessed by him was 64 not out.

5. Maneesh Chauhan 

He is an Indian-Englishmen player who has played many domestic and local matches who have been one of the efficient cricketers that have possessed into both the quality that is bowling and batting tactics as he has made the run upholding the striking rate of 200.00 and bowling criteria as he has the best performance is two wickets and 16 runs.

6. Aniketh Pusthay 

He have been considered as one of the most vulnerable batsmen and wicketkeeper of the national team for a limited series. As he has played around nine matches and inning in the twenty over series and the total run which was made is 147 runs. Moreover the highest scored run is 56 runs, eventually, he has made his best bowling performance as two wickets by giving 26 runs.

7. Khalid Mangal 

He is one of the most enshrined and ease cricketers who have achieved many initiatives over the domestic, local, and regional tournament, which is been held nationally as he has played in many matches but eventually was able to find the opportunities in national and international level.

8. Peter Gallagher 

Peter is labelled for the position of wicketkeeping and batsman as he has represented the team at the national level, eventually, he has played in seven matches and seven-inning of tournaments, have made almost 120 runs, and have the best performance towards the bowling section as three wickets just by giving 29 runs.

9. Abdul Ghafar 

He is categorized as the finest player who has played in the domestic level of the series that has an immense platform of the all-rounder position as he is been defined for the wicket-taker as well as batter for the match. At the domestic and local level who have taken one wicket by giving no specified run.

10. Sanju Shrestha 

He is not able to play the twenty over series in the national team of the tournament but has immensely well performed in the domestic, squad, and local regional matches of the section, as he was been highly paid for the future generation and performance of the player but eventually due to lack of opportunities and chances but though he will be an enshrining player.