France national-level team have eventually represented in international level and even qualified for the semi-finals that were a significant achievement for the nation. As they possess one of the best batsman in all the domestic and local team as vulnerability and efficiency toward their skills, there techniques and tactics which are used have immense level of performing status.

1. Sendhil Tambidoure 

The French representative who has been considered as the captain of the national France team who have achieved the critiques of the matches and played around 11 matches wherein his performance was fruitful towards the team. He is labelled as the all-rounder towards the player as he is well-known for the bowling skills and tactics towards the medium pace.

2. Ammar Zahir 

Ammar is a Pakistani-French cricketer who have represented the team in domestic level but got very few chances towards the national arena. As he has been playing the tournament when he was completing the schooling as he has played in many of the tournament in the under 15, 17, and 19 squad, formally he got appointed as the member of French team.

3. Arun Ayyavooraju 

Arun is an Indian-French player who have been known for his all-rounder skill that have implied for batting, fielding, and bowling principles in the France and Australian match wherein he secured 52 runs and took one wicket by giving only 23 runs to the opponent as this was held as the success of the player who is achieving goal and towards the team for winning the match.

4. Rameez Ehsan 

He is also the French cricketer who have been selected for the position of bowler and fielder as he have been played over ten matches in national level wherein his batting skill was normal but bowling principle was highly appreciated as in the domestic and local unit series he was able to make an exceptional position in the bowling criteria.

5. Ravichandran Pavadaikannan 

He is positioned as the top order opening batsman to the national team as he has played in domestic level very vulnerably but due to the lack of opportunities and chance he didn’t get much exposure for the national level arena, eventually he played in seven matches but was not able to perform efficiently.

6. Kannanraj Sivaram 

Kannanraj is recognised as the all-rounder of the team who have been played around seven matches and have a good skills towards all the three tactics subsequently have played in all the three different format as he have achieved a high level of recommendation towards the batting principles and the bowling format.

7. Usman Khan 

Usman have played around four matches and inning as the highest run which was made is 41 upholding average of 10.25, striking rate of the batting skills 102.49, and the best performance of the bowling skills as the three wickets by giving only 28 runs, the criteria which was held in domestic level selection he was been appointed accordingly.

8. Zika Ali 

Zika is playing since the schooling time as he have represented the team in under 15, 17, 19, and List A squad as the tournament was been held in the interstate platform, as the run which was made by him was good enough to make the position in the national team, but eventually due to lack of opportunities he didn’t got the chance to prove himself and his skills, but though he is well capable in both the side of techniques.

9. Usman Shahid 

Usman is a Pakistani-French player who has been categorised for the position of all-rounder status and have performed both the strategies equally. Likewise, he was able to make around 96 total runs in four matches and innings, eventually he has the best performance that was implied over three wickets just by giving 29 runs.

10. Shahzeb Mohamad 

Shahzeb is known for the position which he chooses and allotted by the team was bowler as he has achieved many initiatives in the domestic and local for coping with the talent. As he has played around seven matches in interstate level wherein his bowling skill was impressive and resulted in selection for national team.