There were many teams how have represented themselves in the national and international arena that made their position with there-own set of knowledge and tactics which they got from all the conduct or by seeing through the other countries, Germany has represented the team at national level and have a broad exposure and financial stability over the team.

1. Venkatram Ganesan 

He is an Indian-German player who has been named for the international squad of the 2017 ICC world cup league for the division tournament which was been in the South Africa continent. Eventually he was able to make the team achieve the target which was been scored. As in the Indian arena he used to play from the domestic platform wherein he was been positioned as the opener batsman.

2. Abdul Shakoor Rahimzei 

He was labelled as the opener batsman of the national team as the count of 17 matches and 15 innings wherein he got the total run of 196. However he was an outstanding and also been held as one of the efficient all-rounders in the team who has the fabulous performance of the bowling tactics as simultaneously two wicket just by giving ten runs.

3. Rohit Singh 

He been that player who has played in all the format and in various team which was categorized as domestic, locals, and national platform that was named for the batsman and fielder, despite of been not got enough opportunities in national level he was been able to play extensive in List A and domestic platform.

4. Sahir Naqash 

He is the Pakistani-German player who has been playing in the under 15, 17, and 19 squad as after the domestic level of performance he was appointed as the opening batsman of the national team, wherein his first international debut was made in the three match series which was held against the Belgium national team. He was categorised for the initiatives that was taken from the team to achieve the target.

5. Vijay Shankar Chikkannaiah 

He is labelled as the German player who has been playing for the national team and also in the twenty over series for the international squad. In the three separate division of the series which was held against the Belgium team as he was able to make his first-ever international debut against the Belgium team by scoring an extensively runs.

6. Vishnu Elam Bharathi 

He was awarded the incentive of bowling and fielding skill which was termed as the assets to the national team eventually is not that much good in batting principles but as he played in 15 matches and innings took 20 wickets but one of the best shot which was achieved as hitting three wickets just by giving 14 runs. The team appreciated his bowling principles for getting his skill more polish and to retain vulnerability over the tactics.

7. Izatullah Dawaltazal 

He is an efficient player who has been categorised as the best Afghan-German bowler who has played in both the national team from Afghanistan as well as Germany, terming as the all-rounder of the team he has made his first international debut against the Kenya team in the year 2010.

8. Finn Sadarangani

He is termed as the all-rounder of the national team who have made efficient amount of run as well as the wicket taking charm for balancing the team for playing in an exclusively only, manner, he played around five matches and made 44 runs with an average of strike rate of 129.41, as the wicket he took was one wicket by giving 9 runs.

9. Muslin Yar

He is an international representative German cricketer who have been playing in the national team but had made his twenty over series tournament for the three-match division against the Belgium team who had made his first-ever T20 series debut in the year 2019 that made an extensive performance for the team.

10. Ahmed Wardak 

He was termed as the all-rounder of the national team who has been labelled as the best fielder and bowler that have played from the squad of 2017 world cup tournament which was held in the South African city and the opening fixture was against the Ghana national team wherein he showed an exclusive performance.