Kenya cricket squad gained their One-Day International (ODI) appeal in 1997, while they experienced the World Cup of 1997 and they could have it for nineteen years, but they failed in the ODI appeal in the World Cup Qualifying of 2015 where the team got in sixth place. The national cricket team has been an additional member of the International Cricket Council since 1982. Since then, the team has participated in six cricket World Cups from 1997 to 2012, with their fantastic outcome being in the semi-final at the World Cup of 2004 in Southern Asia. The team has only qualified twice in the ICC World Twenty-20 tournament of 2008. The national cricket team is re-organized and regulated by Kenya. Here are the top 10 best players of the Kenya cricket team in ODI-

10. Hitesh Modi

He is a veteran Kenyan player of the Indo-Gujarati function. Hitesh is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm-off spin bowler. He made his ODI opening in 1993, Hitesh has been a segment of the mid-order of the squad, and he is also being included in 1997, 1998, and 2004 World Cups tournaments and the 1995 and 1998 ICC Trophy.

9. James Kamande

He is a fantastic Kenyan player and an initial few-over leader. James is a left-handed batsman and an off-spin bowler. Initially, James was a medium-pacing bowler. James made himself a spinner in 2005 after following specific concerns about his bowling style.

8. Maurice Ouma

He is a former Kenyan cricketer. Maurice has also spelled Morris in this case. Ouma is a Kenyan player, and a veteran several over the leader. Ouma is a right-handed batsman and he also participates as a wicket-keeper batsman. Ouma has participated in the Kenyan Nation team since 2001.

7. David Obuya

He is a fantastic Kenyan player. David is a right-handed batsman and a wicket-keeper batsman. David debuted in the game at the Under-19s World Cup tournament of 1999, in which he was chosen as the opening batsmen.

6. Maurice Odumbe

He is a former Kenyan player and a few over ODI Leader for the team. Maurice was also discarded from cricket in August 2005 when Maurice illegally granted money from stalk holders.

5. Ravindu Shah

He is a fabulous Kenyan player of the Indo-Gujarati function. Ravindu is a left-handed batsman. Ravindu is a segment of the team's 1998, 2004, and 2007 World Cup tournaments. Ravindu made his ODI opening with 53 opposite Bangladesh in Hyderabad in the Coca-Cola match event in 1999.

4. Kennedy Obuya

He is also known as Kennedy Otieno. He is a veteran Kenyan national and international player. Obuya is a right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper batsman. He is a blood-related brother of international cricketers Collins and David Obuya. Kennedy was one of the main cricketers for the team while the 2004 Cricket World Cup tournament.

3. Collins Obuya

Collins came to light in the 2004 World Cup tournament in which Collins was the only one of the team to give significant actions and runs as the team gave a presentation in the semi-finals. Collins has a maximum second-class hit of 104. Collins has been the prominent player of the national square with a fantastic career lasting for about 20 years after making his international opening in 2000.

2. Thomas Migai

He is a fantastic Kenyan player and an initial ODI leader. Thomas is a right-handed batsman and a left-handed medium-pacing bowler. He was mainly appointed as the best bowler to be represented by the team on foreign grounds.

1. Stephen Tikolo

He is the most amazing Kenya player, and also an initial ODI leader. Stephen served as the top coach of the Tanzania playing squad. He is hugely known as the most significant Kenyan player the team ever had; Stephen has hit the maximum runs and took the third most wickets for the squad in One-Day Internationals.