Batsman of Oman team has dynamically shown their performance from under 15 age squad that made the passage of the player who had a significant impact over the interstate league which highlighted the selection of the under 17 and 19 squad team, also have participated in various intercontinental matches all the player which has been disclosed below had been gone through the vigorous struggle for getting selected in the national team.

1. Zeeshan Maqsood 

Zeeshan is the Omani cricketer and the captain of the team who has played in the world cup of 2014 in the league division of four tournaments wherein, he made his first international debut against the Afghanistan team and held up with the qualifier of the Oman team.

2. Jatinder Singh 

Jatinder is one of the most demanding and efficient Indian-born Omani players who have made the first International debut against Namibia he played in the world league that was divided into three different tournaments wherein he was been into the IPL series and world league.

3. Sandeep Goud 

Sandeep is named as the Omani player who have played in the twenty series over under the international squad for the year 2018-19 that to of Oman’s Quadrangular series and match held in Oman as his first debut was made against the Netherlands team, he is been positioned as an all-rounder in the team wherein he is good at making as well as bowling skills.

4. Naseem Khushi 

Naseem is the Omani player who had made his first international debut in twenty over series which was against the Netherlands team as eventually after the following span period he was named in the ICC world squad for League division within the two different tournament as he was labeled as the best batsman as he have shown much outstanding performances in the debut matches.

5. Khawar Ali 

Khawar is the Omani bowler who have an extensive performance of the bowling skills and made his first twenty series over in the international platform against the Afghanistan team who did act as the qualifier of the List A tournament that had the division of three matches, the three whole series was against the UAE team.

6. Mohammad Nadeem 

He is one of the efficient batsman of the Oman cricket team and eventually been positioned as the all-rounder of the team as his record of batting, bowling, and fielding is quite impressive as the total run which he was been able to make is 70 run in the innings and best shot of the bowling is four wickets just by giving 23 runs.

7. Fayyaz Butt 

Fayyaz is also an Omani player who completed his position in the match which was held in the List A matches as the debut that was made in ICC championship was made within the two-division tournament, he was bifurcated as one of the finest batsmen the latter usually uses the technique of batting at a vast space position and follow the tactics.

8. Shoaib Khan 

Shoaib is one of the most efficient players of the Oman team that have played in the ODI series for round six as well as in the seventh round which was held against the Nepal team who proved to be the best bowler that can Oman team has as he have impressive count of first-class games in the domestic season.

9. Aamir Kaleem

He is one of the most efficient bowlers that has born and later raised in Pakistan but made the first international debut in the year 200 that have played regularly for the decade since the team was formed. One of the best essentials of the Kaleem within the match which the opponent team was Hong Kong that made an exclusive performance as three wickets just by giving 14 runs.

10. Mehran Khan

Mehran is one of the most efficient cricketer who made his first international debut that was in the category of twenty over series against the Afghanistan team as he made in the list A match for the three match division series that was against UAE team as he is been positioned as the all-rounder of the team having full potential towards bowling and batting tactics.