Scotland national team is said to be one of the most significant teams as the cricketers are younger, possessing half of the cricketers playing in the all-rounder category. It has a flawless personality categorized as the best national team in the interstate and intercontinental platform. Players have an excellent sense of understanding the rules and usage of the open hitting space for a scoring run and knowing the bowlers' tactics.

1. Paul Hoffman

Paul is a citizen of Australia but played for the team of Scottish nation in the national and international platform who have made an extensive amount of performance. He is the all-rounder who has represented the team in both stands, i.e., batting skills and bowling tactics. He has developed a forceful and energetic opening of the matches in bowling and ending the game with enshrining the batting skills.

2. John Blain

John has an excellent bowling skill of the Scottish team, who have categorized him in the medium pacer that has included the player into all three different formats. He has gets inducted into the Scotland Hall of the Fame. John was willing to make the career choice between football and cricket. Eventually, he made the effective or fledged option into cricket.

3. Matthew Cross

Matthew is a Scottish player who has played as the bowler and the wicketkeeper for the limited series in the ODI series and twenty-over match. He has broken records while playing against the Ireland game. He has immense participation and a good impression as the team's vice-captain and one of the finest stumpers.

4. Dylan Budge

Dylan is one of the most efficient batsmen of the Scottish player. His first international debut was held against the England team, after which he made his twenty-over series and in ODI matches. Dylan has an exclusive performance all through the game. He holds the record of highest scoring of 165 runs.

5. Kyle Coetzer

Kyle is an MBE player of the Scottish team who has gotten approached for captain for all the international formats. He has made all efforts in wicket-keeping, batsman, and skippering wherein he struck his first achievement of the record in batting skills and subsequently have played in three squads, i.e., under 15, 17, and 19.

6. Josh Davey

He is an ultimate all-rounder of the Scottish team that has played for the Somerset County club of the cricket association. Which has a previous record of representing the team in both the series of matches, i.e., twenty overs and ODI, wherein they appreciated him for an extensive performance.

7. Alasdair Evans

He is an English player who has represented the Scottish team on both national and international platforms and bowled against the UCCE team that has recorded an immense performance categorized for the fast-medium pacer. His understanding and tactics of principle are exclusive.

8. Richie Berrington

Richie Douglas is the most handsome Scottish player who has played for the under-19 squad in the world cup trophy. He is considered an empowered all-rounder on a full-time contract basis for long-awaited victory. As hr took wickets simultaneously, he made a century in 56 balls.

9. Safyaan Sharif

Safyaan is the fast-medium pacer bowler who represented the Scottish team at national and international levels. He had made the debut after the eye-catching performance that took five wickets in just 27 runs when Safyaan was playing for the squad of under 19.

10. Chris Greaves

Chris is one of the finest Scottish teams selected to represent the national team in the tour against Ireland. That has all the record of the twenty over series and international one day match who have scored a half-century in just 25 balls which made stun all the player of Bangladesh team that have played in all the match format.