Scotland does not possess their international team, but though they play in the national team league, which is highly funded herein, the wicketkeeper plays an essential role in standing behind the batsman and a stump for watching the ball carefully and then making the opponent batman out. Whenever the batsman misses the shot, eventually, if it is in the line and the wicketkeeper catches the ball, it will be held as out or wicket to the team.

1. Matthew Cross

Matthew is a Scottish player who has played as the bowler and the wicketkeeper for the limited series in the ODI series and twenty-over match. He has broken records while playing against the Ireland game. He has immense participation and a good impression as the team's vice-captain and one of the finest stumpers.

2. Craig Wallace

Craig is the effective wicketkeeper of the Scottish team, one of the best batsmen and fielders. Who has extensively taken catches, which was out of reach and the limit that made him an extraordinary player? He is a professional held up with many skills by understanding the tactics of the bowlers.

3. Josh Davey

He is an ultimate all-rounder of the Scottish team that has played for the Somerset County club of the cricket association, which has a previous record of representing the team in both the series of the matches, i.e., twenty overs and ODI, where they appreciated him for an extensive performance.

4. Mark Watt

Mark is one of the most famous Scottish cricketers who has made his twenty-series international debut against Ireland. Wherein the cagey spinner preferred operating the flatter trajectory as he uses the skill as a defensive option than the genuine wicket-taker as the high-level player will focus more on the principles.

5. Richie Berrington

Richie Douglas is the most handsome Scottish player who has played for the under-19 squad in the world cup trophy. He is considered an empowered all-rounder on a full-time contract basis for long-awaited victory. As hr took wickets simultaneously, he made a century in 56 balls.

6. Chris Greaves

Chris is one of the finest Scottish teams selected to represent the national team in the tour against Ireland. That has all the record of the twenty over series and international one day match they have scored a half-century in just 25 balls which made stun all the player of Bangladesh team that have played in all the match format.

7. Michael Leask

Michael is the Scottish team player who has played around the world cup qualifier and the world-class tournament wherein he scored 42 runs in just 15 balls against the England team. He got named as the man of the match despite losing the games.

8. Dylan Budge

Dylan is one of the most practical batsmen of the Scottish player. They got his first international debut, held against the England team, wherein he made his twenty-over series. In ODI matches, Dylan has an exclusive performance all through the game. He holds the record of highest scoring of 165 runs.

9. Rom Sole

Rom is one of the demanding Scottish cricketers who have practical bowling skills for the international and national platform against the South African team, which was memorable. He made his international debut against the Ireland team as he played at the fast-medium pacer position within the group.

10. Omer Hussain

Rana Omer is the Pakistani Scottish Player known for his exclusive skills and tactics of the batting and stumping principles. Eventually, he made his first debut against the Warwickshire, who played seven international events of the ODI matches that have proven the point for the youth generation.