Switzerland does possess their international team, but though they play in the national team league, which is highly funded herein, the wicketkeeper plays an essential role in standing behind the batsman and a stump for watching the ball carefully and then making the opponent batman out. Whenever the batsman misses the shot and eventually, if it is in the line and the wicketkeeper catches the ball, it will be held as out or wicket to the team.

1. Anser Mehmood 

He is highly considered due to the all-rounder trait that is consistent within the Ansar skill as overall his striking rate is 65.00. Bowling skill is as elaborated that in total he played around twenty-two matches in which he took nine wickets and his best shot towards the match were three simultaneously wicket just by giving 26 runs.

2. Asad Mahmood 

Asad have played around four matches and three innings for the total run of 52 and upbuilding the highest run i.e., 33 that has an average of 17.33. as the team is built in the current stage wherein his twenty over series is excellent, but in international level, he didn’t get many opportunities, under the club he used to play he is widely appreciated.

3. Idrees Ul Haque 

Idrees is labeled as the opening batsman and also do bowling at the medium-pacer as he has played for the official national team who completed the highest run as 43 and an average of 26.33, the total run which was made in every series was 79 which uphold the striking rate as 164.66. he is one of the best batsmen that the team possesses.

4. Osama Mahmood 

He was appreciated for the batting skill which he has within himself as in five matches Osama was able to make 146 runs in 60 balls and taking away alternative wickets of the opponent players as in his entire career till now he played around many match under 15, 17, and 19 squad moreover he was announced as man of the match in the Pickwick finals.

5. Ali Nayyer 

Ali is the medium-pacer fast bowler who has been allotted the position of batsman as well as bowler due to the possessing skill of all-rounder as he has achieved the player of the series award and often played the supporting series in the official national team of Switzerland.

6. Arjun Vinod 

He has played around four matches, and three innings wherein he was able to make run around 85 and the highest among all was 43 that produced an average of 42.0 subsequently possessed the strike rate of 152.73, consecutively the bowling skills which he possessed as by taking two wickets by giving 12 runs.

7. Noorkhan Ahmedi 

He was been appreciated for the all-rounder skill which he has within himself as in seven matches Noor was able to make 95 runs and taking away four-wicket of the opponent players as in his entire career till now he played around seven match and six innings upbuilding the average of 15.67 and striking rate of 122.08.

8. Ashwin Vinod 

He is categorized for the batting skill which he possessed in a wide variety, the position which he was allotted is the batter of the team who pose as he played around eight matches and have the highest run as 55 and striking rate as 154.28.

9. Aidan Andrews 

Aidan is labeled as the opening batsman and also does bowling as the medium-pacer as he has played for the Biddestone under 19 squad and Ice cricket royals wherein his performance was an extensive manner. His highest run is 96, whereas the total run in 11 matches is 447, and eventually, he hit around four half-centuries.

10. Stefan Franklin

Stefan has been categorized in the position of the all-rounder as he also bowled for the team and also batted for the official team who have played only around one match and one inning wherein he got the highest run of 25 and possessed the strike rate of 96.15 also with the wicket.