Within the building ground of the test ashes, there is a question arise which is marked that could be replicated according to the targeted objective wherein the blister of fast bowling and batting skills matter for the change of entire rhythm that can even build the match score or series of the over, blistering among the fielding player who can be consistent throughout the match.

1. Zahoor Khan 

Zahoor is one of the efficient bowler of the Emirati Pakistani cricket team who has been playing from the side of ODI and Twenty series over. He is categorized as the medium-fast pacer bowlers who has enshrine everyone with his skills towards the best performance in the various count of series.

2. Palaniappan Meiyappan 

Karthik is also the all-rounder of the Emirati player that has named after the ODI international squad team, who made his first-ever international debut against the US team, wherein he was able to take an average of two wickets in every match. His performance in twenty series and one-day international match was quite impressive as the pattern of play.

3. Sultan Ahmed

Sultan is the emirate cricketer that has made in the twenty over series matches and his first debut of the international, which was against the Papua New Guinea that was within the twenty series and one-day international series. He made an orthodox role of the bowler that made his best stay during the lockdown within the apartment and got enrolled into the official team.

4. Junaid Siddique 

Junaid has been added towards the Emirati cricketer for the role of bowlers in the UAE team who have played for the squad of ICC championship which went to the qualifier tournament, however in the twenty over series within the international debut which was against the Oman team, viewing the skills and tactics he was able to achieve into the principle of bowling.

5. Adhitya Shetty

Adhitya has been labeled as the all-rounder but has focused on batting and bowling skill which has made an extensive performance of the principle that have achieved many award in many of the young age. On the overall performance board, he has played around 29 matches wherein he was able to beat the run around 170 and took subsequently 51 wickets.

6. Mohammad Ayaz 

He is categorized as the medium fast pacer bowler who had played over many matches, his best performance which was shown in the bowling criteria was in the squad international matches that were five wickets just by giving 64 runs to the opponent team which was quite commendable in nature.

7. Ahmed Raza

Ahmed is the best cricketer which the Emirati team can have and also been headed as the captain of the official international team as well, He is subjected to the all-rounder skill which he possesses, which is batsman and spinner bowler. Batting skill is excellent that made all the selector left in astonishment and spinning in the orthodox matter is extensively trait.

8. Rohan Mustafa 

Mustafa is the best cricketer which the Emirati team can have and been headed as the captain of the official national team as well, he is been subjected to the all-rounder skill which he possesses that is a batsman and off-break spinning style, as his record is outstanding of playing the tournament and gaining the run do have striking stats towards the performance.

9. Akif Raja 

Akif is the medium-fast pacer bowler who had an exclusive skill towards fielding and bowling in contrast he has played around three matches and was able to get the total wicket as 14 in his performance board. He is categorized for the principle of bowling which is believed that he got the potential to understand the mindset of the opponent.

10. Aryan Lakra

Aryan is the Emirati player who has been named as the previous captain of the UAE team under the squad of 19 age group and also famous for taking twelve wickets and consecutively six wickets in alternative matches. Viewing over the quality, Aaryan is good in fielding skills, bowling tactics, and also been an excellent batsman according to the need of the team.