UAE national team is said to be one of the most significant teams as the cricketer is younger age, possessing half of the cricketer playing at the category of the all-rounder and have a flawless personality that is categorized as best national team in the interstate and intercontinental platform. Players has an excellent sense of understanding the rules and usage of the open hitting space for a scoring run and also knowing the tactics of the bowlers.

1. Sanchit Sharma

Sanchit have been in the emirate cricketer playing in the UAE team within the Twenty series over in the international squad that was labeled for the summer bash of the tournament. He made the first debut against Ireland in the international bash series that has an extensive fielding performance and all-rounder players.

2. Sultan Ahmed 

Sultan is the emirate cricketer that have made in the twenty over series matches and his first debut of the international which was against the Papua New Guinea that was within the twenty series and one-day international series. He made an orthodox role of the bowler that made his best stay during the lockdown within the apartment and got enrolled into the official team.

3. Rohan Mustafa 

Mustafa is the best cricketer which the Emirati team can have and been headed as the captain of the official national team as well, he is been subjected to the all-rounder skill which he possesses that is a batsman and off-break spinning style, as his record is outstanding of playing the tournament and gaining the run do has striking stats towards the performance.

4. Aryan Lakra

Aryan is also the Emirati player who have been named as the previous captain of the UAE team under the squad of 19 age group and also famous for taking twelve wickets and consecutively six wickets in alternative matches. Viewing over the quality, Aaryan is good in fielding skills, bowling tactics, and also been an excellent batsman according to the need of the team.

5. Ahmed Raza 

Ahmed is the best cricketer which the Emirati team can have and also been headed as the captain of the official international team. He is subjected to the all-rounder skill which he possess, which is batsman and spinner bowler. Batting skill is excellent that made all the selector left in astonishment and spinning in the orthodox matter is extensively trait.

6. Chirag Suri 

Chirag is an Indian-Emirati player who has been labeled for the vice-captaincy of the UAE team as he is categorized for the all-rounder skill which possesses of exclusive opener batsman and known for his googly delivery that subsequently makes an individual left in astonishment which is the main reason of getting into associate national talent player.

7. Muhammad Usman 

Usman is the Emirati player who has made his first-ever international debut against the Netherlands team within the span period of 2015-17, which was considered as ICC intercontinental league championship and also been categorized for the batting skill which he possesses in quantum that holds the striking rate in 120.2 percentile.

8. CP Rizwan 

Rizwan is the Emirati player who has made an exclusive performance in the ODI series matches and also has made his first international debut against the Nepal team who have been named in the twenty over the series squad, has been into the intercontinental cricketer he is categorized as the Indo-Emirati player.

9. Waheed Ahmed 

Waheed is the emirate cricketer who has made the an extensive performances in twenty over series that was against the England national team who have played the international squad. All the performance which he made in the batting, bowling, and fielding criteria who have achieved all the initiative in ODI series and Twenty over series.

10. Zahoor Khan

Zahoor is one of the efficient bowler of the Emirati Pakistani cricket team who have been playing from the side of ODI and Twenty series over he is been categorised as the medium-fast pace bowler who have to enshrine everyone with his skills towards the best performance in the various count of series.