Surprisingly, all fans and the public need live to report of sports of any product confirmed by the national or international authority, because it gives somewhere a considerable amount of finance through TRP that provides the feedback for becoming popular or as a broadcasting method. Cricket or any sport cannot be attended in every defined place so, it has to be a timely telecast for supporting and encouraging the player to give their best performance.

1. Terry Alderman

Terry was the first reporter who telecasted the sport in Western Australia, Kent, and Gloucestershire from the adverting channel of ABC news which is usually accessible from all the world regions. He was earlier an Australian cricketer who used to be a fast-medium pacer bowler, that started his career in 1974 and took almost 42 wickets in the Test series, but after retirement, he joined as the sport host.

2. Richie Benaud 

Richie became the second reporter who got a chance to broadcast the news of sports worldwide as work within New South Wales and Australia. Eventually, got enrolled as a two-channel reporter first was BBC television that was within the tenure of 1960-1999, 2007, and the second channel was channel 4, 5, & 9 from 1977 to 2009.

3. Greg Blewett 

Greg was also the former player who used to play as the all-rounder from the team Australian, and eventually, after retirement, he joined the news channels and networking team. Covering the region from south Australia till central Australia, he also worked for two channels named the most extensive and international sports news network, sky sports and seven networks from 2009-2018.

4. James Brayshaw 

James was said to be the former player of the Australian team for the batsman who has been an outstanding player of all time he has made an extensive record which was commendable. But after 1987, he joined the networking channel for broadcasting the news from all over the world in an international platform and telecasted in the region of west and south Australia in the nine networks operated from the central based headquarter.

5. Jim Burke 

Jim Burke was an excellent champion, who has made many records in every format of cricket and also holds an effective initiative for most of the inning without ducking. He grew as a migrant from Kent and first, he got the position of the wicketkeeper. Previously he was an extraordinary golf player and cricketer champ who has done his coaching and practice at the age of 10 years.

6. Ian Chappell 

Ian Chappell is one of the iconic players that have presented the Australian team at both national and international level, He was an all-rounder who got retired at the last age of his occupation. Later, he joined broadcasting. He covers all the essential regions, likewise South Australia, Lancashire, and the central part who got the networking broadcasting in three channels – Channel 9, ESPN Star Sport, and Channel 5.

7. Greg Chappell 

Greg Chappell was the former player who started his career as a cricketer who has been considered and appreciated on an international platform. Chappell was taken up as the pre-eminent batsman whose stroke was towards the fierce concentration, and after his retirement, he joined channel 9 of the broadcasting.

8. Michell Chariton 

Michell was also the former cricketer of the Australian team who joined the new channel of ABC broadcasting, BBC Radio which broadcasted in England, and last was Nimbus Sports India. He was also the final winner of the journalist and for the broadcaster who also worked under the executive department of BBC UK headquarter.

9. Jack Fingleton 

He was also an elegant player who pursued his career as a journalist and commentary of the matches for knowing the dour of defensive approach as the batsman of the Australian team who was able to secure the simultaneously century in five test matches. Two separate regions were telecasted in New South Wales and the Australian nation.

10. Damien Fleming 

Damien was the former player and has shown extensive opportunities towards the team appreciation in the region of the Australian team. Eventually, after his retirement, he joined the whole collective part of Australia under ABC networking, Fox sporting, Channel 7, and lastly in Channel 10.