Every sport and platform should be used for skill base frontier wherein all the sportsperson should be getting the chance based on ability, not on the initiative towards money, fame, or status it will eventually lead to misunderstanding, partiality, biases, and discrimination about the social norms. For earning the unforeseeable financial support, very few of the people try to achieve success with the short outcome and short path of the initials.

1. Justin Langer

Justin was the Australian cricket guider, currently, in 2018, he was appointed as coach of the national team, who has permanently been set as the average of mid-forties which was scrubbing along for the spotting of position. Western Australian squad has been enrolling the opportunities towards the known battle of the produced over the harden conflict which was blessed with all the mental draining which eventually got him depreciated from his position.

2. Steve Smith 

He was accused of cheating on the final day of the third match of the test base game in Sydney ground, wherein it was termed as a tense and hostile behaviour as he intensely sledded upon the Indian Cricketer. The bowler of the Australian team who attacked the Indian Player for counterattacking shot eventually, blazed on the controversial matter as it was said that somewhere Steve was also involved.

3. Cameron Bancroft

Cameron was an Australian cricketer who has been contracted for the western Australian team for the first-class squad, as he made the first debut in the national team Eventually due to the cheating and fixing match, he was suspended from the regular series for 12 months. Despite being an extensive batsman, he ultimately got a rigid accusation which somewhere destroyed his career, but he got another chance.

4. David Warner 

David Warner is one of the most elegant players of the Australian team and also the former captain of the team who has been selected in the past 132 years as one of the finest cricketers and with no appropriate experience in the first-class squad. He has possessed extraordinary skills, but though he was accused of the cheating offense, wherein he was suspended for about 12 months and another month for the remand.

5. Darren Gough

Darren Gough was the captain of the former English Australian team, which was Spread head for bowling attack and tactics in knowing the official capacity of the player as to where he wants to hit. In the late nineteenth century, he became the second-highest wicket-taker in all the ODI matches held at that time which were 235 and 229 in test cricket matches.

6. Tim Paine 

Timothy is an Australian player who has represented the team in both the sense, which was nationally and international subjective matter in test cricket. He has been enrolling as an efficient batsman as in 35 matches and 57 innings he was able to score around 1534 runs and eventually has the highest scoring as 92 but consequently, he was falsely been accused with the offence of cheating.

7. Shane Lee 

Shane Lee is considered as the first-class squad player who has been rewarded for the skill which he possesses of all-rounder ability and is especially known for his batting skills and even for medium pacer bowling. He has played with his brother Brett Lee, but due to the accusation, he got withdrawn and was remanded for a few months.

8. Aaron Finch

Aaron finch is the captain of the Australian team within the limited over series who has recorded for the three highest-scoring series in twenty over matches that scored around 172 against Zimbabwe and 156 runs against the England team. He became one of the elegant players in the international series who beat all the records and scored 900 points in the twenty-over series.

9. Glenn McGrath

Glenn was the Australian former player who has played around more than 100 matches in the international arena for almost 14 years. He was well-known for the fast-medium pacer bowling style that will be considered for all remaining time. His domination of the world was contributed in the mid-19 century and till the late 2000s, known throughout his professional life for maintaining the line of strength and consistency which delivered the success.

10. Darren Lehmann 

Darren was wrongly accused by the opponent that he had alleged the ball offence as he is the former coach of the Australian team under the national arena and eventually got his first debut in the year 1996 in the ODI match and later in test match he got in 1998.