The ODI format was introduced in 1971 and it was the second format after tests. This format is very much preferred because the world cups started to happen in one – day format after its introduction later on white ball was also introduced for this format. The game of cricket has seen many great bowlers with their respective specialties and way of bowling like some bowlers used to bowl very fast, some used to swing it very well, etc. But one specialty is searched in every bowler when he/she is selected for the international level and that is efficiency. This is a much needed ability in any bowler. Today we are going to look at top 10 Australian bowlers with best career economy in ODI. So, let’s go on with the list.

10. Craig McDermott

Craig McDermott is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right-arm fast bowler. Craig was one of the leading bowlers of the Australian bowling attack in the late 1980s. He was a part of the world cup winning side of Australia in the 1987 cricket world cup that was led by Allan Border. He performed brilliantly in the 1987 world cup by taking 18 wickets in the tournament that included a fifer against Pakistan in the semi – final. He made his ODI debut on 6 January 1985 against West Indies. He was known for his rhythmic sideways action which gave him sharp pace and a good outswing. He also coached the Australian team between 2011 & 2016.

Matches:- 138

Wickets:- 203

Career Economy:- 4.03

Average:- 24.71

9. Rodney Hogg

Rodney Hogg is a former Australian right – handed fast bowler. He battled Asthma throughout his career from his childhood. Interestingly he started his career as a batsman but later on switched to become an aggressive right – handed fast bowler. He took 41 wickets in the 1978-79 World Series cricket for his team. He made his ODI debut on 24 January 1979 against England and his ODI career lasted till 1985. He played his last ODI on 3 March 1985 against India. After his retirement he coached the Victorian Team and also became a selector of the team in 2005.

Matches:- 71

Wickets:- 85

Career Economy:- 3.94

Average:- 28.44

8. Carl Rackemann

Carl Rackemann is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right – arm fast bowler. Although he got to play only 12 test matches but on the other hand he got picked for the ODIs constantly during his international cricketing career. In the 1984-85 Australia’s tour to India he shined by becoming the leading wicket taker. He also coached the team of Zimbabwe for two seasons from 2000. He made his ODI debut on 9 January 1983 against New Zealand at Melbourne. He played ODIs for Australia from 1983 to 1991.

Matches:- 52

Wickets:- 82

Career Economy:- 3.94

Average:- 22.35

7. Paul Reiffel

Paul Reiffel is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right – arm fast bowler. He was a part of the 1999 world cup winning Australian team which was led by none other than Steve Waugh. In his 7 year old long career he played 35 tests. He was a really accurate bowler whose strength was seam bowling. He was handy batter as well and had a good defence; additionally he had good stroking ability. He made his ODI debut on 14 January 1992 against India. He is currently working as an international umpire. He is also a part of current elite panel of ICC umpires.

Matches:- 92

Wickets:- 106

Career Economy:- 3.92

Average:- 29.20

6. Glenn McGrath

Undoubtedly one of the best bowlers the game has ever seen. Glenn McGrath played international cricket for 14 years. He was a right – arm fast bowler and a vital contributor in the dominance of Australia in the international cricket. He was a part of the “Mighty Australian” team. He had a 14 year – long career. He made his ODI debut on 9 December 1993 against South Africa. He was known for his exceptional swing bowling in both ways and for his accuracy as well. McGrath is currently the director of MRF Pace Foundation, Chennai. He became a part of ICC Hall of Fame in 2013.

Matches:- 249

Wickets:- 380

Career Economy:- 3.87

Average:- 21.98

5. Terry Alderman

Terry Alderman is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right – arm fast bowler. He was known for his perfectly aimed outswing deliveries and accurate cutters without any difference in the rhythm of his action. He was very successful in the tours of England in 1981 and 1989 as he took more than 40 wickets both the times. He had a 10 year – long career. He made his ODI debut on 6 June 1981 against England. He also suffered due to injury in 1982-83 and made a comeback in the Australian side during 1984-85 for the West Indies tour. He played is last ODI on 15 January 1991 against New Zealand.

Matches:- 65


Career Economy:- 3.65

Average:- 23.36

4. Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right – arm fast bowler. Interestingly he became a point of notice when he constantly bowled bouncers to Geoff Boycott during a match between New South Wales and England. In 1982 when Australia toured Pakistan he established himself as the leading bowler of his team by taking 9 wickets in three tests on a slow surface which was not helpful for the fast bowlers. He made his ODI debut on 23 November 1980. He had a 9 year – long ODI career. He also served as the coach of Pakistan cricket team from 2008 to 2009.

Matches:- 79

Wickets:- 88

Career Economy:- 3.65

Average:- 29.45

3. Dennis Lillee

Dennis Lillee is one of the former legendary bowlers of Australia. He was a right – arm fast bowler. He was known for his fiery fast bowling and his aggressive attitude. Dennis Lillee’s first appearance in international cricket was in the fifth test of the 1970-71 Ashes series at Adelaide. He took a fifer in that test match. He had a bad back injury in 1972 which made him suffer for many weeks but he made his comeback by doing some changes in his bowling action. He made his ODI debut on 24 August 1972 against England. He also served as the director of MRF Pace Foundation at Chennai, India till 2012.

Matches:- 63

Wickets:- 103

Career Economy:-  3.58

Average:- 20.82

2. Mike Whitney

Mike Whitney is an Australian former cricketer. He was a left – arm fast bowler. However he played only 12 test matches but he was an effective bowler. He is one of the only three fast bowlers in the first class circuit of Australian cricket to take more than 300 first class wickets. He made his international debut during the Australia’s tour for England in 1981 when two of the main fast bowlers got injured. He was a part of the 1992 world cup team of Australia and was the most economical bowler of the tournament. Sadly he did not have a very long career.

Matches:- 38

Wickets:- 46

Career Economy:- 3.55

Average:- 27.15

1. Simon Davis

Simon Davis is a former Australian cricketer. He was a right – arm fast bowler. He played international cricket for Australia from 1986 to 1988. He had a very short career. He got to play only one test match in February 1986 which was against New Zealand but it did not go well as he got no wicket in that match. He was selected in the Australian one – day team for the World Series Cup of 1985-86. He had a fantastic series as he finished with 18 wickets in the series and was at the second position in the list of most wicket takers in the World Series Cup 1985-86. He made his ODI debut against New Zealand on 9 January 1986. He played his last ODI against England at Melbourne on 4 February 1988.

Matches:- 39

Wickets:-  44

Career Economy:- 3.37

Average:- 25.75