Australian national cricket team is well-known for its great place in International Cricket Council. They have secured their place in many cricket matches whether it is ODI’s, Test matches, T20’s, or World Cup. As of January 2021, the Australian cricket team is on the third rank in ICC test Championship with 113 rating points. Australian cricket team has well-known batsmen who can beat any other cricket team during the matches. When the Australian cricket team enters the cricket ground other cricket teams lose their confidence.

1. Donald Bradman

Donald Bradman was one of the best batsmen on the Australian cricket team. He made about 100 centuries in his career. When he played he made a century in one out of three matches. He is the first cricketer of the Australian cricket team who made 7000+ runs in his career of cricket. He made a record of making the highest 390 runs in a day. In 234 matches Donald Bradman made 28,067 runs at an average rate of 95.14 and 117 centuries and 69 half-centuries.

2. Steve Smith

Steve Smith was a former international cricketer in the Australian cricket team and captain of the Australian national cricket team. His nicknames were ‘smudge or ‘smithy’. During his initial days, he was only known as a potential leg spinner and batting a bit. Steve Smith has ranked third place in ICC test batting ranking. He has made 7540 runs in Test matches in 4542 runs in T20. People make comparisons to Donald Bradman who was “The don” of cricket after seeing the batting of Steve Smith.

3. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is a former cricketer of the Australian national cricket team he is well-known for his great strength to hit boundaries against any other cricket team. Australian cricket team won three World Cups under his Captainship, he is a Legendary Captain. Ricky Ponting is not only a good batsman but also a good fielder. Ricky Ponting was one of the most successful captains of the Australian cricket team owing to the victories they have,  out of 324 matches they won 220 matches.

4. Greg Chappel

Greg Chapell is known as the”Legend of cricket”. He is a former cricketer of the Australian cricket team and started his career by playing Test matches in Perth. In 87 Test matches, he made 7110 runs with an average of 53.86. He is an exceptional all round player who did bowling with medium pace and when retirement came, he held the world record for the most catches in Test cricket.

5. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh was known for his high strength batting in the Australian cricket team, during his time Australia again got their place in the world of cricket. He was also one of the batsmen in the Australian cricket team when the team won the World Cup of 1987. Under his captainship, Australia got a chance to win the world cup of 1999 by defeating England. He made 10,927 runs in 168 Test matches with an average rate of 51.06 and scoring 32 centuries.

6. Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden is well-known for his “Flamboyant batting”. He is a former cricketer in the Australian cricket team, although his career was rough until 1999, destiny chose him and he became an opener batsman in 2000 after his return back to cricket. During 2000-2008 no other bowler had the strength to compete with Hyden in bowling. In 161 ODI’s Hayden made 6133 runs at an average rate of 43.81 with 10 centuries and 36 half-centuries.

7. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is the whole package, he was a great batsman and a superb wicketkeeper. Gilchrist made his debut in ODI’s in October 1996. His nickname is ‘Gilly’. ‘Gilly’ played cricket as a vice-captain under the captainship of Ricky Ponting. Cricket lovers enjoy watching ‘Gilly’ in his aggressive form.

8. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke ranked fourth-highest run-scorer in the Australian cricket team. He retired in 2015 from the post of Australian captain after making his debut in 2004 in Bangalore against India. During his debut match, he made his 1st century and after this match, he made 27 others in ten years. He made 7981 runs in ODI’s, even though he didn’t play many, he made 58 half-centuries and eight centuries.

9. Mike Hussey

Mike Hussey was one of the left-handed batsmen in the Australian cricket team. when he was 29, he entered the international cricket arena. He played for 8 years, 19 centuries, and 29 half-centuries in Test matches.

10. Allan Border

Allan border is one of the greatest Australian batsmen of that time, he played for 14 years and made 11,174 runs in 156 Test matches. This was Australia’s highest score for many years and during his Test cricket career, he made 27 centuries. He made 6,525 runs in 273 ODI’s and in 1987 led Australia to the World Cup triumph.