Captaining over England is not an easy task or plan which was reasonably achieved that could behave a constant spotlight, still is purely based on the dedication of some players and lifted accountability throughout the match. Every source of leadership has successfully determined the individual by record and target, which can be a helm.

1. Joe Root

Root is one of the most popular MBE players that has an extensive performance throughout the series he has shown many unexpected deliveries of shots and is also the current captain of the England team in the test matches. He also made effective leadership eligibility wherein the team got many victories, and one of those is the international squad who won the 2019 world cup series.

 2. Michael Vaughan

Michael is an OBE cricketer who was a former player as well as currently a commentator for all the formats of the series as he served upon the team as he was also one of the most efficient captains that have been spanned for 2003 till 2008 for the test series, ODI captain of 2003 to 2007 and lastly for the twenty over series he was held for the leadership from 2005 till 2007.

3. Andrew Strauss

He is one of the vulnerable and efficient English players they are currently in the administrative department and was formerly the player of the international team as the profession which he is following is the Director of the Cricket for the England and Wales team moreover he has captained over all the defined format of the cricket.

4. Alastair Cook

Cook is one of the most efficient and famous former players who belong to the CBE within the English cricketer that usually plays for the Essex County Association and is well-known for the format of various techniques in an international platform. The former set of the captain, he has handled the team in test series and ODI.

5. MA Atherton

Michael is been the most famous OBE broadcaster, telecaster, journalist, and also was the former player of the England team in international format, he was considered the all-rounder player which has been enshrined by his bowling as well as batting skills that was commendable however he has led overall record on 54 matches.

6. N Hussain

Nasser Hussain(who is standing by the side of Mr. Ganguly) is an OBE British cricketer who was early a cricketer and then after the retirement, he joined as the commentator of the country who has even captained the team for the period span of 1999 to 2003 wherein all the international matches was enhanced for getting the opportunities, he has an extensive amount of score as the record.

7. PBH May

May CBE was the player of the English Cricket team who has played around the Surrey County association who have studied into the Cambridge university that has initiated within the part for implying the style of the man who has represented within the beau that has ideal for the batsmanship and efficient sportsmanship.

8. GA Gooch

Graham who is considered as the former cricketer that has implied for the captainship who have the most specific prolific run average who was the top scorer in the category of first-class but eventually he retired very early, he was the captain among the 1973 and within the year of 1997, famous for the stance of upright over the whooping the total run of 67057.

9. R Illingworth

Raymond is considered as the CBE former over the English Cricketer that was the extensive period of cricket administer and after completing his career in cricket he joined as the commentator as he well-known for the bowling skills, however in the historical time he took around 2000 wickets and made 20000 run in the category of first class.

10. DI Gower

David has been considered as one of the most elegant players of England that have scored extensive manner run as he was the former captain and cricketer of the England team in the 1980s, describing the personalities he was considered as one of the most stylish players in the cricket club.