England cricket team is a full member of the International Cricket Council, and well-known for its great strength to win the matches. They have great players. England won the World Cup of 2019, but four times they appeared in the finals of the cricket World Cup. They were also runners-up in the two ICC Champions Trophies of 2004 and 2013. They were runners-up in the 2016 ICC T20 World Cup, but they won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2010. England won 70 T20Is out of 136. Here are some best batsmen who played very well, and made England proud of itself-

10. Sir Herbert Sutcliffe

Herbert Sutcliffe is the best opener batsman and with the partnership of Jack Hobbs, he made 3249 runs in just 328 innings with a batting average of 87.81. He made a record of making the highest runs as an opener batsman in the history of cricket.

9. Peter May

Peter May is mainly famous for his on-drive or signature shot. He made 4500 runs at an average of 47in 66 test matches for the England cricket team. He also made 13 centuries and 22 half-centuries between 1951 and 1961.

8. Denis Compton

Denis Compton was a very brave and strong batsman. He is mainly famous for dominating the fifties. In his total career in cricket, he made seventeen centuries and 28 half-centuries in Test cricket matches. He made 5807 runs in 78 test matches at an average of 50.06. He was very lucky that he knew how to play cricket as well as football.

7. Len Hutton

Sir Len Hutton was England's first professional captain. In 1938 at The Oval, he made 364 runs against Australia, which was the second-highest score done by an opening batsman in Test matches.

6. Ken Barrington

Ken Barrington was a good all-rounder. But he is not good at his batting average. His batting average is very low that is 44in any country that he played He is a good run-scorer above all these things he has made nearly 7000 runs at an average of 59 he also made 20 centuries and 35 half-centuries.

5. Joe Root

Joe Root is the current captain of England’s national cricket team, and he is also England's highest run-scorer in test matches. He has made more than 8000 runs to this date with an average of 49. He also helped the England cricket team win the 2019 cricket World Cup match by making 556 runs with an average of 62.6.

4. David Gower

David Gower is a very strong batsman, and he played test matches for 14 years as he was captain. He was a  mastermind in winning all the series. Due to his mastermind nature, he defeated many teams in their hometown. He made 8,231 runs at an average of 44.25.

3. Alec Stewart

Alec James Stewart is a former cricketer and former captain of the England national cricket team, who is a right-handed wicket-keeper-batsman. Alec Stewart made 8463 runs in 133 test matches at an average of 39.54. He is also very good at fielding.

2. Sir Alastair Cook

Sir Alastair Cook is England’s highest run-scorer all the time in Test matches. He made more than 12,000 runs as an opening batsman and played in more than 156 matches in his career. For a bundle of years, he was the best opener in the world. He also became the longest-serving captain of the England cricket team.

1. Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs is well-known for his greatest strength of batting and is one of the best English batsmen who have made 61,760 runs and 199 centuries, which no other batsman has ever done and will do in the future also. He retired from his cricket career at the age of 46, which is very high according to cricket.