England national cricket team is one of the best cricket teams of International Cricket Council it is not easy to defeat this team. It includes the greatest batsman and outstanding captains, who made the England cricket team the greatest of all other teams. It is the captains and batsmen of this team who maintained the position of England National Cricket Team to this date.

10. Michael Atherton

Michael Atherton was one of the best captains of the England national cricket team. A determined, fearless leader with a never-say-die approach, his period in charge was a successful one for the England cricket team. He was also totally unbeatable as an opening batsman and would not be frightened or distracted easily by any sledding.

9. Nasser Hussain

The Essex batsman Nasser Hussain was firstly ignored because of his reckless behavior but was later became the skipper of the England cricket team in 1999. He was the captain of the England cricket team till 2003. His possession as captain was remained worth for England, as they won 5 series in a row.

8. Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss become famous after winning 'The Ashes' in Australia in 24 years; this was the most joyous moment for him as captain. Under his leadership, the England cricket team stepped at the top of the International Cricket Council Test rankings. At the same time, he made a significant contribution as captain in limited over’s format.

7. Peter May

Peter May was the most discipline captain of the England national cricket team. He was strict by his nature with huge standards; he was merciless when the occasion demanded, but could be stubborn and unartistic and lacked the aura of a natural leader. He announced his retirement entirely from cricket in 1963.

6. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook is famous for leading run-scorer in Test matches, hitting 12,472 runs in 161 Test matches. He made 3,204 runs at an average of 36.40 in 92 One Day International matches.Cook got the position of captainship of England cricket team for limited years between 2010 and 2014. Under his captainship, England national cricket team appeared in 69 matches, of which 36 games resulted in a win of England cricket team with the winning percentage of 54.47.

5. Douglas Jardine

Douglas Jardine was the captain of the England national cricket team during the famous journey of Australia in 1932-33. With fast bowlers Harold and Bill Voce along his side, Jardine used the strategy of getting his pace duo to target opposition cricketers while setting a packed leg-side field.

4. Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan made his position in the world of cricket that nobody would ever forget him. He made his highest contribution to the England cricket team. Micheal Vaughan is amongst the most successful test captain across the world. He made the appearance of England in 51 Test matches by winning 26 and losing 11 matches.

3. Ray Illingworth

Ray Illingworth as a captain was relatively rigid, combative, reluctant, and an intuitive reader of the game, and an experienced captain who expected his team to play like professionals; he wanted to see the professionalism in his every team-mate. He is one of only nine players to have taken 2,000 wickets, and made 20,000 runs in cricket till 2015.

2. Leonard Hutton

Sir Leonard Hutton is the most successful captain and a great batsman of the England national cricket team. He finished his Test career with an outstanding average of 56.67. His highest hitting score is 364 runs. He became the first professional captain of the England cricket team in 1952, starting his career as a captain with three straight wins over India.

1. Joe Root

Joe Root is the current captain of the England national cricket team. The Yorkshire's boy has become the most successful English captain with 27 wins in 55 Test matches. Joe Root has been captaining the England national cricket team for the last four years since 2017 and he is still hungry for a lot more wins. His winning percentage is 49.09 as captain and he is expected to become the most outstanding English cricketer and captain when he ends his career.