Test cricket is the original form of cricket. This format tests the skills of batters. This form of cricket doesn't require training boundaries. This red-ball cricket has seen various quality matches. Batters take their time to get set and put runs on the board while bowlers target to trouble batters with nasty bouncers. Fans love to enjoy this sight, and their chants give an immense amount of support to the bowlers. England is the founder of cricket. They expand this game in various regions. This team has been one of the most successful teams so far. England has given many legendary bowlers to cricket.

1. James Anderson 

Anderson is getting better age by age. He is one of those rarest bowlers who has given up White-ball cricket to concentrate more on tests. This year he entered into the top 3 list of bowlers with highest wickets in tests. Anderson's ability to swing the ball in both directions troubles batsmen a lot. Jimmy has played 166 test matches and he has taken a five-wicket haul for 31 times.

2. Ian Botham 

Botham is one of the greatest cricketers in England cricket history. Botham got the opportunity to represent England in both red and White-ball cricket. He was a quality bowler and used to take wickets at crucial times. Botham played 102 test matches and took a five-wicket haul 27 times.

3. Sydney Barnes

Barnes was a legendary England cricketer who is regarded as one of the country's greatest cricketers. He bowled with an ability to swing the bowl in both directions. Syden played 27 test matches and took five-wicket haul for 25 times.

4. Stuart Broad 

Stuart board is one of the finest fast-bowlers of this era. He has almost given up White-ball cricket to make his game better in test format. Broad is famous for conceding six sixes in an over but now he has become a legend of test cricket. Broad has played 149 test matches so far. He has taken Five-wicket haul for 18 times.

5. FS Trueman

Trueman was a former England cricketer. He played first test match in 1952. He is regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in test cricket history. He played 67 test matches and Went to take Five-wicket haul for 17 times.

6. Graeme Swann

Swann is a former England cricketer. He was a spin bowler who troubled batters with an ability to turn the ball on both sides. Swann's best performance came against India in India. England went to seal the historical series and Swann played a vital role in that. In 60 test matches Swann successfully claimed a five-wicket haul for 17 times.

7. DL Underwood

Underwood is an English player. He is regarded as one of the country's greatest bowlers. Underwood dominated batters with his various variations. He played 86 test matches and took a Five-wicket haul for 17 Times.

8. RGD Willis 

Willis is a legendary bowler of the England cricket team. He bowled against many legends of this game and took their wickets. He played 90 test matches for his national team and took 325 wickets. His bowling average is phenomenal and he named 16 Five-wicket hauls in his career.

9. AV Bedser

Bedser is a former England bowler. He played cricket for his national team for ten years. He was a regular part of the team that dominated batsmen with his superior bowling skills. He has a 15 Five-wicket haul in test cricket.

10. ARC Fraser

Fraser is another England bowler who left a big impact on cricket in a very short career. Fraser played cricket with and against many big names. He was a regular member of the England side in the 90s. He took 13 Five-wicket hauls in test cricket.