Achieving a landmark in whatever work we perform is a dream that each one of us has seen or still sees. To achieve something, one must go through hardships and put in all the effort one can. A century is considered one such milestone in cricket. Firstly, a century refers to the completion of 100 runs in cricket. The number of centuries accomplished by a player has a vital role in a cricketer's life as it gets included in their career statistics. Through this article, you will be familiar with the top 10 English cricketers. They have made their names shine by finishing the most number of centuries in their career, bringing to your knowledge the various facts and titles attained by some exceptional English cricketers.

1. Graham Gooch

The first name that appears to be on top when discussing the most number of centuries accomplished by an English cricketer is Graham Gooch, with overall 200 centuries in his career. He is a former English cricketer who has played for England and Essex. His name comes amongst the twenty-five players who have completed over 100 centuries in first-class cricket.

2. Walter Reginald Hammond

The one ranked second when mentioning the most number of centuries made by any English cricketer. He was a first-class English cricketer who began his career in 1920. During his career, which lasted till 1951, he attained 189 centuries. He had the English record of 22 centuries until Alastair Cook's journal. He had completed 167 centuries in first-class cricket, which is the third highest.

3. Geoffrey Boycott

The third name when mentioning top 10 century hitters come is his, as he has finished 182 centuries in his cricket career. He made his debut in cricket; in the year 1962 as a former English test cricketer. He has accomplished twenty-two centuries in tests, one in ODI one hundred fifty-one, and eight in First class cricket and List A. He made his ODI debut in the year 1971 against Australia.

4. Michael Colin Cowdrey

With a total of 132 centuries, his name comes in 4th place. He was a player from England who played for Kent country cricket club and even Oxford University. He got his name marked in history by attaining 22 centuries in test cricket, a record in England until 2013. He completed 107 and 3 centuries in first-class and List A cricket, respectively.

5. Alastair Cook

When talking about the most number of centuries attained by an English cricketer, the fifth name is Cook. The former captain of England's test and ODI teams has culminated 123 centuries in his career. Cook has been an opening batsman for the team from 2006 to 2018. He has various International and English records where his name shines. One such is the 'Fifth highest test run scorer of all time.’ He is also the sixth youngest player and the only player from England to score 12000 test runs. Presently plays for Essex country cricket club.

6. Joe Root

In the sixth position, Root has finished 101 centuries till now in his cricket career, which include twenty-eight in tests, sixteen in ODI, forty in first-class, and seventeen in List A. The former captain of England in test matches holds the record for most ODI centuries for his country. 

7. Kevin Pietersen

The form of a player from England who has achieved a total of 97 centuries in his career. The number of centuries secured by Kevin in ODI is nine, and he also holds the record of crossing 2000 ODI runs earliest. The number of centuries he has finished is twenty-three in test, fifty in first-class, and fifteen in List A cricket.

8. Ian Bell

At number eight, we have Bell with 93 centuries in his career life. One of the English players who played in all formats has completed four ODI centuries, fifty-seven first-class cricket centuries, thirteen List A centuries, and twenty-two test centuries. He also won the Emerging player of the year award in 2006, presented by ICC.

9. Kenneth Frank Barrington

With 96 centuries accomplished throughout his cricket career, Barrington is one of the English players. He holds the record for being the first player from England who has made centuries on all six traditional grounds. He has made 76 centuries in First class cricket and twenty in test matches.

10. Andrew Strauss

He is the tenth English player with 83 centuries during his career and has captained the team in all cricket formats. He has six ODI, forty-six first class, twenty-one tests, and ten List A centuries. He was the fourth batsman to complete his century while debuting at Lord’s.