There have been some outstanding Indian batsmen in ODI and T20 cricket, but only a select few of those batsmen have attained the status of being referred to as the greatest of their generations and have taken part in many legendary partnerships. Let us look at some of the best partnerships in the Indian cricket team.

1. Rohit Sharma – Shikhar Dhawan (158 Runs, T20)

The greatest partnership for India in T20I cricket was put together by Indian batsmen Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan against New Zealand in the Kotla T20I, scoring 158 runs for the first wicket. Sharma and Virat Kohli’s 138-run partnership in 2015 was the previous-highest partnership for India. Additionally, this was the third-highest first-wicket partnership in T20Is.

2. Sachin Tendulkar – Rahul Dravid (331 Runs, ODI)

This incredible partnership between the two greatest players of their generation has already been addressed, yet it is so great that it consistently ranks in the top 10 in ODI cricket rankings. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid were in the mood to score runs in this match, and both of them were doing it at a strike rate of over 100. Sachin scored an astounding 186 runs, while Rahul Dravid recorded his highest ODI total of 153 runs.

3. Sourav Ganguly And Rahul Dravid (318 Runs)

Another illustrious alliance Rahul Dravid is once again the man to beat in India’s ODI history, but this time he was joined by Sourav Ganguly, who performed to remember at Taunton against Sri Lanka, scoring 183 runs, the highest ODI score ever, and Rahul Dravid making 145 runs. Their partnership helped India win the crucial world cup match.

4. Sourav Ganguly And Sachin Tendulkar (256 Runs)

Both Sourav and Sachin came out firing in this game against Kenya and had one of the greatest opening stands in India’s ODI history. Both players hit attacking hundreds, and India ultimately won the game easily. One of the most illustrious duos in history was this one.

5. Ms Dhoni And Yuvraj Singh (256 Runs)

Two aged horses demonstrating their capabilities to the world. The most dynamic partnership in ODI history for India was in a ruthless mood against England on this day, and they destroyed the bowlers to all parts while both scoring fantastic scores, with Yuvi earning his highest ODI total of 150 and MS Dhoni scoring 134 runs. They were the best partnership duo in that era.

6. Rohit Sharma – Virat Kohli (246 Runs)

This remarkable partnership between the two contemporary Indian cricket greats occurred during a run chase of more than 320 runs, and these two made it look easy. Both players were hitting the ball to various sections of the court since they wanted the game to end fast. Rohit Sharma stayed until the very end to make another score of over 150, while Virat Kohli produced an impressive 140.

7. Rohit Sharma – Kl Rahul (165 Runs)

The bowlers were merely observers in this game, and Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul were on fire that day. Together, they struck 18 sixes, Rohit Sharma scored a century in a record-breaking 35 balls, KL Rahul scored an incredible 89 runs, and the two of them destroyed Sri Lanka that day.

8. Sourav Ganguly – Sachin Tendulkar (252 Runs)

The fact that Sourav and Sachin have another partnership on this list just goes to show how legendary these two hitters are in ODI. In this match, Sri Lanka was the victim of their excellence as they once again hit a century apiece and gave India the victory. At that time, bowling attacks all over the world feared them and liked the runs.

9. Mohammed Azhadruudin (175* Runs)

Because of what these two hitters accomplished on that particular day, this is one of those combinations that receives a lot of attention. India was in trouble when they entered the game, but once they found their bearings, they showed no compassion to any bowler. Both of these outstanding batsmen struck incredible hundreds, and India went on to win the match.

10. Ms Dhoni – Suresh Raina (196* Runs)

This was India’s final pool game of the 2015 world cup and match 39. Following a Brendon Taylor masterpiece, India, who were chasing 288 after 22.4 overs, were suffering at 92/4. The southpaw was already batting at 10*(23) when the Indian captain came to bat, and the two added 196 runs to their partnership to lead India to victory without losing any more wickets.MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina recorded their best-ever partnerships and finished 85*(76) and 110*(104), respectively. The player of the game was determined to be Raina.