Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as MS Dhoni, MSD, or Mahi, is a well-to-do Indian cricketer who enjoys driving luxurious cars and adding new motorcycles and cars to their garage. Captain Cool brought many vehicles and put them in his garage with MS Dhoni’s total net worth in 2021. Let us look at the bikes owned by MS Dhoni.

1. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

This black superbike was purchased by Mahi approximately ten years ago. With a top speed of 335 kph, it is among the fastest bikes in India. Dhoni has a black unit instead of a green unit. The bike is made even more unique by features including ABS, slipper clutch, and traction control. Its 1441 cc, 4-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 197.39 horsepower. The bike costs between Rs. 20,45,487 and Rs. 24,84,305 in India.

2. Confederate X132 Hellcat

It is one of the rarest bikes because just 150 of them have ever been made. Only MS Dhoni, a South East Asian, is the owner of one of these incredible motorcycles. The 2.2 L V-Twin that powers the Hellcat generates 132 HP and 200 Nm. Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt are also owners. Mahi was observed pushing this bike to its limits on the Buddh International Circuit.

3. Kawasaki Ninja H2

This monstrosity is Dhoni's favorite bike out of all of them. He is the first person in India to own a Ninja H2. It has some very intense stats linked with it. It is powered by a 998 cc four-cylinder supercharged engine that produces 141.7 Nm and 231 PS at 11,000 rpm. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission. When it was still only Rs. 29 lakhs, he purchased this beast in April 2015. (ex-showroom). Gear changes on this bike are simple and rapid thanks to the MotoGP. There are still a very small number of Ninja H2 owners in India even after four years. The identical bike will cost you about 35 lakh rupees today.

4. Harley Davidson Fatboy

However, Dhoni's bike is an older model of the Fat Boy. It had a 1690cc air-cooled, twin-cam V-twin engine that generated about 75bhp, though Harley-Davidson never really disclosed the numbers because its bikes are all on torque. It also continued to wear the circular headlamp. And it has a lot of it—130Nm to be exact. The Fat Boy is the brand's flagship model and among the best Softail cruisers in the world since Harley has made sure it does not go too adventurous and maintains its signature nice looks.

5. Ducati 1098

The bike has over 160 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds. 1098 has a top speed of 270 km/h and weighs 173 kg. Cycle World named the Ducati 1098 its Bike of the Year for 2008. Due to the business ceasing production after releasing the Ducati 1198, the Ducati 1098 is no longer sold in India. The cost of a Ducati bike in India at the time of purchase ranged from INR 25 to 30 lakhs.

6. Yamaha RD350

Another vehicle included in the Dhoni bike collection is the Yamaha Bike RD350. With a price tag of just Rs. 4500, MSD purchased the country's first motorcycle. Even though this Yamaha motorcycle is still rather old, Dhoni has repaired it and maintained its condition. The 350 CC air-cooled Yamaha RD350 motorcycle had five speeds and an auto lubrication oil injection system.

7. Suzuki Shogun

One of the first bikes that were imported to India for daily commuting was the TVS Suzuki Shogun. Its 108.2 ccs, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine produced 11.4 Nm of torque and 14 BHP at 8500 rpm. The engine and 4-speed transmission together allowed the Shogun to reach a top speed of 105 mph.

8. Yamaha Thundercat

One of, if not the most famous, sports tourists of its era was the Yamaha Bike. The Yamaha Thundercat, also known as the YZF600R, has a 599 CC engine that generates 88 horsepower. It was built from 1996 until 2007. Pictures of the MS Dhoni motorcycles, a Yamaha Thundercat and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, were previously shared.

9. BSA Goldstar

One of MS Dhoni Bike Collection's two classic motorcycles is the BSA Goldstar. The Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSAC) produced the first British motorbike with a top speed of 180 km/h (mph), or 180 mph. One of the quickest two-wheelers in the 1950s had a 500 CC engine.

10. Norton Jubilee 250

The second vintage motorcycle from 1924 is the Norton Jubilee 250. Another car in the MS Dhoni Bike Collection is the Jubilee 250. A 250 CC engine powers the Norton Jubilee 250 motorcycle. The cricket player MSD shared a picture of his bike on Instagram. How much information about Dhoni's bike collection do you have? Additionally, you must be familiar with the MS Dhoni bikes' prices, pictures, and brief characteristics.