No one in the world knows if anything such as lucky charm exists or not, but when it comes to believing in them, what’s the harm. Especially when it is about winning something, superstitions have no limit. Superstition has bitten many film stars, athletes, and athletes. If something can be a bad omen, then, for sure, its counterpart must exist. Your lucky charm helps you to feel the luck and boost your confidence. Here is a list of 10 cricketers known for something else along with their game. Yes, you guessed it right, the lucky charms of cricketers, which, according to them, are the reason for their successful journey. We all must agree that the lucky charms have played well with the men on the field.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, a.k.a. the GOD OF CRICKET, has been wearing his left pad before the right, which brought him luck, and today, we have no reason to doubt his beliefs. After all, he is the most prolific run maker of all time.

2. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi used to wear a T-shirt with the number 12 on it. Since he was born on 12th December, and his life has been revolving around number 12, he finds it lucky, and it has also proved prosperous on the ground while smashing the bowlers.

3. Sourav Ganguly

He was no stranger to superstitions. The former India captain is a superstitious person who used to wear several rings and kept a photo of his guruji as a sign of luck while he was on the cricket field. Ganguly retains his magnetic ability to attract attention in numberless ways.

4. Michael Clarke

Anything can bring good luck when it comes to winning. For Australian captain, Michael Clarke it is music. He likes to listen to loud music as a good luck charm before the match. That is how he always thrilled the audience with his shots.

5. MS Dhoni

Auspicious things revolve around number 7, our captain fantastic, and number 7, who have together witnessed uncountable wins for India. Born on 7th July, he believes that the number is his luck source. Hence, he printed seven on his jersey. Now, this is what makes him everyone’s favorite.

6. Ashwin

Fear of many batters; Ashwin is also a member of the superstitious group. He always carries a bag that he believes sustains luck for him and team India. It may be the reason for this tall off-spinner to be dangerous for the batsmen.

7. Mohammad Azharuddin

Former national team captain Mohammad Azharuddin wears a black tabeez to keep his luck on the field. His batting style and his lucky tabeez did wonder for India. Now we know how his personality has upstaged many cricketing contests.

8. Gautam Gambhir

Another cricketer who owns a lucky number. Number 5 printed on his National team jersey and 14(his date of birth) on the IPL(Indian Premier League) jersey have helped him keep his score high. You see, numbers for numbers. It seems like numbers have brought him a plethora of luck.

9. Rahul Dravid

One of the best classical batsmen of team India is also in the league of supernatural things. He wears his right thigh pad before the left to keep the stars in his favor. Maybe this is the key to his sound batting technique and consistent performance.

10. Virender Sehwag

While completely breaking the myth of lucky numbers, he removed number 44 from his jersey and owned a numberless jersey as a sign of good luck after consulting his numerologist. Well, looking at his achievements, this proves to be true.