Cricket is one of the most respected sports in the world. Like it is said, everything has its dark side, so does cricket. The sport has unforgettable flaws, defects, and a faulty history. When it comes to cricket, the scams that exist are betting, match-fixing, and bookmaking scandals. However, comparatively, the sport had faced multiple scams and allegations almost a decade ago. Fortunately, in the past few years, cricket scams have been non-existent. Many known and unknown faces were involved in such scandals. Here, I present you with the names of the Top 10 cricketers engaged in scams, along with the allegations and accusations charged against them.

1. Saleem Malik

Saleem Malik is a former Pakistani cricketer and a skillful player. He was the first Cricketer ever to be prohibited from cricket. Saleem Malik had tried to bribe Shane Warne and Mark Waugh to lose the test match of Karachi in 1994-95. However, Saleem Malik gets deemed guilty after Shane and Mark confirm Justice Qayyum's inquiry. Saleem was sentenced to jail in 2000 and revolted against the ban in 2001. The supreme court denied his request and convicted a seven-year ban for the player.

2. Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels is the former international Cricketer of the West Indies. The ICC board found the Cricketer violating the rules and regulations. According to the offense conducted, the batsman had to face a ban of two years. The Cricketer passed information regarding ICC to bookmakers(bookies).

3. Lou Vincent

Lou Vincent, the former New Zealand batsman, pertained to scams. Initially, the Cricketer allegedly charged a ban of three years for an illegal approach to fix a game in the Bangladesh Premier League. Expressing no sign of guilt, Lou again attempted to stabilize a match in English Domestic cricket and, hence, he has charged a lifetime ban from cricket. Lou openly confirmed his involvement in scams and said, "I am a cheat. I have shamed my country. I have shamed my sport."

4. Sreesanth

Sreesanth is a former Indian cricketer whose name existed in the news highlights related to cricket. Sreesanth was a part of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League(IPL). He had accepted stock from bookies for match-fixing and under-performing. The bowler gave 14 runs to the opposite team Kings XI Punjab in the match scheduled on May 9th, 2013. He was arrested for the same on May 16th and discharged a month later on bail. Later, the court acquitted the case.

5. Abhinav Bali

Abhinav Bali was one of the Indian Premier League ( IPL) team players named Rajasthan Royals. The Cricketer was very young to create a bright career in cricket for himself. But, unfortunately, he arrived in unlawful action. He entangled with bookies for fixing matches and providing them with the team's information. The BCCI banned the young Cricketer for one year.

6. Manoj Prabhakar

Manoj Prabhakar was an ordinary cricket player in the early 1990s. He was a generalist in bowling. Disappointingly, the bowler ended his career by entering the world of match-fixing. He tried to implicate other players and got exposed. One of the Cricketers he aimed to accuse was Kapil Dev. In 2002, his plan backfired, and he stood guilty himself. Manoj Prabhakar faced prosecution with a prohibition of 5 years for the crime of match-fixing.

7. Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin is a former Indian cricketer who was involved in cricket scams. He had allegations of associating with bookmakers (bookies), providing them with information related to upcoming matches, and fixing bets. He also introduced Hansie Cronje into the system of betting. Later, the investigative reporters exposed the scandal in an inquiry, and the Cricketer declared a life ban. However, on November 8th, 2012, the court dismissed the life ban.

8. Maurice Odumbe

Maurice Odumbe was one of the trustful international cricket players who played for Kenya. He was an all-rounder who could manage to play the game in all aspects. He took long steps towards success but suddenly stepped on the wrong path when he accepted payment from a bookmaker( bookie). In an inquiry held by the ICC, the investigating officers found out the story, and he has sentenced to a denial of 5 years.

9. Henry Williams

Henry Williams was an international cricketer who played for the team of South Africa. Batting was his strength; he made it his weakness by taking the offer of under-performance. In an ODI held in Nagpur in 2000, Henry Williams and Herschelle Gibbs accepted a token amount of money from Hansie Cronje to under-perform. They were both banned from cricket for six months.

10. Mohammad Asif

Mohammad Asif was considered one of the fastest bowlers in Pakistan. The bowler has caught in controversies of drug addiction. The Cricketer had tested positive twice. Besides, the Cricketer had also gotten captured with drugs in his wallet at Dubai Airport. Mohammad Asif has allegedly gets charged for spot-fixing. He accepted a receipt of money for pre-planned bowling where he deliberately bowled a no-ball against England in a match in 2010. Mohammad Asif gets sentenced to a 6-month ban.