Test cricket is generally more difficult in away conditions than in home conditions. Also, scoring a quickfire hundred in any condition is difficult in test cricket and such a hundred can either set the tone convincingly for the match or can steal the game away from the opponents. We will now have a look at the fastest test centuries by Indian batsmen in away conditions in test cricket.

1. Virender Sehwag Vs West Indies (2006)

This was the second match of a four-match series between India and West Indies with the first one being a draw. Despite this one being a draw too, India was pretty close to having an innings victory. Sehwag’s quickfire century up top, propelled India’s innings. Virender Sehwag completed his century in 78 balls in the innings.

2. Hardik Pandya Vs Sri Lanka (2017) 

This was the final match of the three-match series between India and Sri Lanka and India already won the series. India batted first this match, when Hardik Pandya came in at 322-6. He wasted no time as he put up a big and quick knock as India finished the innings at 487. Hardik Pandya completed his century in 86 balls in the innings.

3. Mohammad Azharuddin Vs England (1990)

Lord’s cricket ground, known as the home of cricket was the venue of this match. England posted 653 and Azharuddin, the captain, scored a rapid century, which eventually proved to be futile as India lost by 247 runs. Mohammad Azharuddin completed his century in 87 balls in the innings.

4. Virender Sehwag Vs Sri Lanka (2008)

This innings is a prime example of one-man show. In a raging turner with wickets tumbling in the other end, Sehwag was thrashing bowlers on his own. Out of 329 runs, he alone scored 201 and remained not out and carried the bat. India went on to win the match. Virender Sehwag completed his century in 87 balls in the innings.

5. Virender Sehwag Vs Sri Lanka (2010)

This was the third match of the three-match series between India and Sri Lanka. India was 0-1 behind. Sehwag scored a fast century. India went on to win the match by 5 wickets. Virender Sehwag completed his century in 90 balls in the innings.

6. Virender Sehwag Vs Pakistan (2006)

This match belonged to the same series as the one discussed just before. This match had Sehwag score quick but also for a prolonged period. He ended up with a 247-ball 254 and India finished the innings three balls later. This match was also a draw. Virender Sehwag completed his century in 93 balls in the innings.

7. MS Dhoni Vs Pakistan (2006)

This match was a run-fest. Pakistan batting first scored 588. Then India in return scored 603. Then Pakistan batting again declared at 490-8 with just 8 overs remaining in the match. During India’s first innings, Dhoni, who walked in at 6, received ample support from Irfan Pathan and some continuous support from the tail when he was on his way for a quick century. He finished with a 153-ball 148. MS Dhoni completed his century in 93 balls in the innings.

8. Kapil Dev Vs West Indies (1983)

This was surely a special year for the Indian team against the West Indies. But this match happened months before the World Cup. India’s second innings started with them 319 runs in deficit and Kapil Dev walked in at a precarious position when India’s lead was just 6. He managed to score a quick century and the match got drawn. Kapil Dev completed his century in 95 balls in the innings.

9. Krishnamachari Srikkanth Vs Australia (1986)

This was one of the rare occasions when India dominated Australia in Australia. India set out to bat first, started off very well as all the top three batsmen made their hundreds. While the other two centuries were at a decent pace too, Srikkanth’s century was rapid. Srikkanth was known for his quickfire knocks and he once again showed why. Krishnamachari Srikkanth completed his century in 97 balls in the innings.

10. Shikhar Dhawan Vs Bangladesh (2015) 

This match was the only test in the India tour of Bangladesh in 2015. India batted first and Shikhar Dhawan started aggressively upfront. The run barrage never stopped as Dhawan made his century in quick time. Both the openers continued their onslaught and the partnership finally broke when Dhawan got out for 173. The match got drawn due to the time loss that resulted from rain. Shikhar Dhawan completed his century in 101 balls in the innings.