India batsmen have extraordinary talents and the ability to hit big and more sixes. Throughout the history of cricket, the world has seen many fantastic batsmen in the Indian cricket team. In all formats of cricket from Test to T20 Indian cricketers have performed extraordinarily well. Throughout all the formats of ICC cricket matches, Indian batsmen have some big records which are still unbroken by many batsmen. In this list, we will look at players who have hit the most no. of sixes in all formats of Cricket. From 80s batsmen to today’s master class players Indian batsmen have quite big achievements. Here let’s dive into the players who have the most no. of sixes.

1. Rohit Sharma – 704 Sixes

At no.1 is the current best batsman in the world, who holds great achievements in all formats of cricket. Current Indian team captain and opening batsman in Indian cricket squad. He has a total of 704 sixes. He has 240 sixes in IPL, 155 sixes in t20 cricket, 64 sixes in Test cricket, and 245 sixes in ODI cricket.

2. MS Dhoni- 587 Sixes

At no.2 is the popularly known legend of the game MS DHONI. Being the former captain and wicketkeeper in the Indian team, Dhoni has also had great achievements and records in batting. He has 228 sixes in IPL, 52 sixes in t20 cricket, 78 sixes in Test cricket, and 229 sixes in ODI cricket.

3. Virat Kohli – 459 Sixes

At no.3 is the world’s best batsman and former Indian team captain VIRAT KOHLI. He introduced the fitness and importance of a great physique to the Indian cricket squad. He has a total of 459 sixes. He has 215 sixes in IPL, 92 sixes in t20 cricket, 24 sixes in test cricket, and 126 sixes in ODI.

4. Yuvraj Singh – 400 Sixes

At no.4 is the cricket legend from the Indian team YUVRAJ SINGH. The world knows what kind of a player he is. An energetic player with a high spirit throughout the match. His achievements and records are huge and many. He has 149 sixes in IPL, 74 sixes in t20 cricket, 12 sixes in Test cricket, and 155 sixes in ODI.

5. Suresh Raina – 385 Sixes

At no.5 is the former young champion of the Indian team SURESH RAINA. He was one of the best fielders in the world. He was a strong pillar in the middle order of the Indian batting lineup. Raina was a popular cricketer with many achievements at a young age. He has 203 sixes in IPL, 58 sixes in t20 cricket, 4 sixes in test cricket, and 120 sixes in ODI cricket.

6. Virender Sehwag – 349 Sixes

At no.6 is the grand master from the Indian batting squad VIRENDER SEHWAG. He sometimes hits a boundary or six in his first ball of the innings. Most of the time he opens the innings. He has a total of 349 sixes. 106 in IPL, 16 sixes in t20 cricket, 91 sixes in Test cricket, and 136 sixes in ODI cricket.

7. Sachin Tendulkar – 293 Sixes

At no.7 is the master blaster from Indian batting legends SACHIN TENDULKAR. The world knows his ability and his records. He started playing at a very young age and retired old. So he has played across all the formats. He has 29 sixes in IPL, 57 sixes in test cricket, and 190 sixes in ODI cricket.

8. KL Rahul – 292 Sixes 

At no.8 is the current Indian team vice-captain and t20 captain KL RAHUL. He has the extraordinary ability to bat in every position in the batting order lineup. He can open the innings, sometimes he plays in the middle order and sometimes in the lower order. He has a total of 292 sixes. 158 sixes in IPL, 74 in t20 cricket, 22 in test cricket, and 155 sixes in ODI.

9. Sourav Ganguly – 289 Sixes

At no. 9 is the former Indian team captain and current president of BCCI, SOURAV GANGULY. His aggression in his batting and the field boosts the spirit of his other teammates. He has a total of 289 sixes. In which 42 sixes in IPL, 57 sixes in Test cricket, and finally 190 sixes in ODI cricket.

10. Shikar Dhawan – 272 Sixes

At no.10 is the opening batsman of the Indian squad SHIKAR DHAWAN. He has the potential to hit big sixes and holds the record for more sixes. He has 136 sixes in IPL cricket, 50 sixes in ICC t20 cricket, 12 sixes in Test cricket, and finally 74 sixes in ODI cricket.