Indian cricketers fit in several vacations despite having a busy schedule that includes managing commercial enterprises, family obligations, and marketing duties. Despite traveling for cricket and seeing half the globe, some places hold special meaning for them. While some make them known via open conversations or Instagram live sessions. But the pillars of the current Indian team are never afraid to travel, whether on family trips or by sneaking out of a foreign tour. Cricket is the most popular sport in India and around the world. Cricket players travel all over the world for their sporting activities and but they have no time to explore their specific destinations. Even though cricketers travel everywhere, they still wish to spend time with their families. This article will tell you about your favorite cricket player's vacation spot. 

1. Virat Kohli

He is one of the former captains of India's cricket team. His favorite vacation spot in Queensland, New Zealand, which he visited in 2019 with Anushka Sharma, and Barcelona, Spain. Kohli's second choice was South Africa because of its wildlife safaris. He also enjoys trucking with his wife, which he frequently documents on Instagram. Virat Kohli went to say that he and his wife Anushka Sharma would be visiting Kevin Pietersen's lodge in South Africa soon.

2. MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former captain of the Indian national cricket team, enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and playing in the sand with his daughter, Zara. His favorite vacation spot is in Himachal Pradesh, where he spends most of his time with his family.

3. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Gurunath Sharma, the current captain of the Indian national team, has named Europe his favorite vacation destination. According to his Instagram, Rohit Sharma has visited Madrid, which he claims is one of his favorite cities.

4. KL Rahul

Kannaur Lokesh Rahul is the current vice-captain of India's national cricket team. He enjoys traveling, and his favorite place to visit is a tie between Greece and Spain. His favorite vacation destination is Greece. In a recent candid interview with BCCI.Tv, Rahul revealed that his favorite travel destination is Spain.

5. Hardik Pandey

Hardik Himanshu Pandya is an Indian cricketer who currently plays for the Indian national team. He enjoys traveling with his family. The Indian cricketer's favorite vacation destination is London, United Kingdom because it is the center of the hype lifestyle.

6. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was an Indian cricketer who captained the national team. Sachin's favorite vacation spot is the beautiful hill station of Mussoorie. Interestingly, Tendulkar enjoys both hills and beaches during family vacations.

7. Suryakumar Yadhav

Suryakumar Ashok Yadav is an Indian cricketer. He represents Mumbai in domestic cricket. His favorite vacation spot is Greece, and he enjoys traveling with his squad and wife.

8. Ishan Kishan

Ishan Pranav Kumar Pandey Kishan is an Indian international cricketer who plays domestically for Jharkhand. He claims that Barcelona, Spain, is his favorite vacation spot because of its lifestyle.

9. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina, a former Indian international cricketer after retirement, started to spend more quality time with his family and shared photos of himself and his family on social media. He recently traveled to the Maldives with his family for a birthday celebration and had a great time.

10. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a former Indian international cricketer who competed in all formats. Dubai is his favorite destination. Due to its way of life, he visits private estates and Fame Park, where he closely interacts with wild animals and loves to experience nature up close. He and his friends once played a game of tug of war with lights, but the human team lost. He enjoys going on adventures and posting about them on social media.