In this era, cricketers are more focused on their fitness and physique. In the past Indian cricketers did not have any great or toned physique, but today, Indian cricketers are more conscious about their overall fitness and physique. Since the fitness of the players is mandatory in the field, cricketers have been working hard to have balanced fitness with a ripped physique. Some people on this list may be known to everyone, but some are quite a surprise to everyone. Now let us look at the Top 10 Indian cricketers with extraordinary physiques.

1. Virat Kohli

Is there any list about physique without this man? At the top the man who introduced fitness and a toned physique to the Indian cricket team. VIRAT KHOLI the Indian skipper and world's best batsman in this current era. He brought the importance and need for fitness and a toned physique into the Indian cricket society. He is also a model and brand ambassador for many brands and companies. He knows the value of being fit which made him compete with the great legends of cricket.

2. Deepak Chahar

At no. 2 is the man from the famous Chahar family, DEEPAK CHAHAR. He is a pace bowler on the Indian cricket team and in Chennai super kings team. Of the ripped and most charming Indian cricketer. With his pace bowling, he has a technique for wicket-taking deliveries. He is also a great athlete and professional sportsperson. He had to work and train harder for maintaining all these.

3. Vijay Shankar

This might be a great surprise for the fans, the man who has taken the no. 3 spot is, VIJAY SHANKAR. He played in the 2019 ICC world cup and took a wicket in his first delivery. Recently Vijay has gone deep into his fitness and maintaining a great physique. His recent posts came in as the biggest surprise for all cricket fans. With his toned body and abs, Vijay Shankar came in at no.3

4. KL Rahul

At no.4 is the young and charming man from Karnataka, KL RAHUL. He has been the captain and vice-captain of the Indian cricket team. He is one of the few batsmen who could bat at all positions in the batting order lineup. He could do all these only with the help of his extraordinary physique and his fitness. Since he is also a wicketkeeper, Rahul should have the energy for with-holding both innings of the match.

5. Hardik Pandya

At no. 5 is HARDIK PANDYA, the man considered to be a dream boy for many girls. A highly talented Indian all-rounder and current skipper of team "Gujarat titans." Pandya had many injuries and surgeries in the past, and yet he came back with the same force he had every time. His ripped physique helps him to hit the ball with maximum force and at the same time bowl with maximum ability.

6. Navdeep Saini

At no.6 is the young and talented pace bowler, NAVDEEP SAINI. Not a lot of Indian bowlers had a great physique and toned abs. but Saini is just ahead and worked a lot for his fitness and ripped physique which could help in his pace bowling. He needs great speed in running and bowling actions. So Saini workouts a lot for taking care of his physique.

7. Kedar Jadhav

Coming at no.7 with a great surprise is KEDAR JADHAV. Former Indian cricketer and a batsman. Though Jadhav had a lot of criticism about his height, he didn't take it all in and worked on his fitness and physique. In his recent posts with HARDIK PANDYA showing his toned abs, Jadhav had all the eyes focused on him about his physique.

8. Manish Pandey

The young and handsome cricketer at no.8 is MANISH PANDEY. From his under-19 days, Manish has kept his physique balanced and fit. He is one of the batsmen who had kept his physique as fit as possible from a young age. He shows a great deal of athleticism with his physique and also his performance in the field. With his toned abs and fit physique Manish attracts a lot of focus.

9. Shreyas Gopal

At no. 9 is the all-round cricketer RAMASWAMY SHREYAS GOPAL. He is currently an all-rounder on the Karnataka cricket team and sunrises Hyderabad team in the Indian premier league. With his utmost dedication and serious training Shreyas has one of the toned physiques among Indian cricketers. This great physique helps him in batting and bowling.

10. Jasprit Bumrah

At no.10 is the young and energetic Indian bowler JASPRIT BUMBRAH. He was rated the #1 bowler in the ODI format. With his lean and ripped physique Burmah scares the batters with his deadly pace bowling. He is also a great athlete, which helps him in keeping his body fit and toned. With regular workouts, swimming, and practice Burmah has a toned physique.