People all across the globe are familiar with cricket’s popularity. Even businesses are now investing in the game to join in on the recognition. The cricket board takes various steps to make the game more interesting by organizing the Indian most efficient League. In brief, it’s far secure to mention that cricket is not a sport but an emotion in our hearts. It makes people come together. It also strengthens our courting with other nations and keeps the sportsman’s spirit. Cricketers are regularly under stress for matches, mainly while gambling in a prestigious game that includes the Cup. When you are playing any sport at the level of professionals, it’s a serious commercial enterprise. However, cricketers can be so humorous once in a while that the fans can’t control their laughter. There’s a bonus at the end of this article; therefore, read till the very end!

1. When Virender Sehwag Told The Epic Story Concerning Shoaib Akhtar And Sachin

Virender Sehwag once narrated an incident to a famous Bollywood actor, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, at an award show back in 2010. He told him that he got there around the wicket, bowled many bouncers, and told Shoaib to hit a pull shot. Could see that Shoaib Akhtar might be tired after bowling for so long. After realizing he would keep on doing the same thing, he asked Shoaib Akhtar to bowl a bouncer at Sachin Tendulkar, who was at a non-striker’s stop. While he bowled a bouncer to Sachin in the next over, he hooked it for a six. To which Virender Sehwag said in Hindi, ” Father will always be father, a son will always be son,” which initially was in Hindi language and, in this context, loosely interpreted as ‘Nothing beats the original.’

2. Maybe Captain Cool M.S. Dhoni Isn’t Always As Cool-Headed As We Think Of  Him

Many of you may not know that Dhoni also had his moments of anger, mostly in his own diffused manner. This revelation gets made via Suresh Raina in the latest interview with Gaurav Kapur on the stage of ‘Breakfast With Champions.’ “Although Dhoni wore sunglasses most of the time, even without them, it’s tough to look into his eyes and recognize what he is wondering,” says Raina. However, he had moments when the camera was no longer on him. He will wait for the commercial break between overs; then he would stroll up and say ‘Sudhar Ja’ (basically, he’s saying improve yourself but with a hint of playful threat in it) with a poker face.

3. Times When Sunil Gavaskar Took Self-Deprecation To Another Level

The time when he says, what’s the big deal staying grounded. “Sometimes people meet me and say I’m so down to earth, and I tell them, with my size, saala, it’s straightforward.” The words themselves describe what it means to take self-deprecation to new heights, while I think he is just humble.

4. When Harbhajan Singh Knew He Messed Up

Eighteen years of consecutive cricket have changed Harbhajan Singh as a person. He may have some physical changes, misplaced some hair strands, and greyed his beard; however, his sense of humor remains intact. Even though we don’t know if this was another joke of his or he forgot his wife’s birthday, we now know, at home, who the real boss is!

5. The Time When Tillakaratne Dilshan Got hHs Gravity Lessons

This event took place during a match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh when Dilshan tried to celebrate the dismissal by raising the ball high in the air; he got a lesson on gravity when the ball went over from Dilshan’s head, leaving everyone in amusement and cracks.

6. Weird Signals By Billy Bowden

Billy Bowden is famous for the unique flavor of the match. For signaling out or a boundary, Billy’s bizarre alerts tickle heart-warming satisfaction for the cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

7. Who Could Roast Hardik Pandya’s Taste In Music Better Than Virat Kohli

While chatting on the show ‘Breakfast With Champions’ with TV host Gaurav Kapur, Captain Virat Kohli revealed a few hilarious pieces of information about Pandya’s all-English playlist. “We play just Punjabi songs in the dressing room. Most of the players don’t bring their iPods. Hardik Pandya has an iPod. It has all English songs”, Kohli stated at some point. “Pandya listens to English songs, but he does not understand five words of even a single song. He grooves to the music beats. We all get angry with his songs”, Virat stated.

8. The Day When We Discovered That Ashish Nehra Had The Same Fears As The Rest Of Us

Ashish Nehra brings to the popping-crease in most of the virtues of a classical left-arm rapid bowler – tempo, accuracy, diffused versions of line and duration, together with his reputation as one of the best ball bowlers on the Global stage. Back on the show ‘Breakfast with Champions,’ he talked about his fear of being hit by a fast bowler. Well, I think we all would feel the same way if we were in a similar situation.

9. And When Ashish Nehra Admitted Which Part Of His Body, No Damage Will Ever Takedown

I’ve had 12 surgeries. No more”. And the words speak for themselves. I’ve you also cracked up the way I did on seeing it.

10. Gautam Gambhir’s Dislike For Advertisements

Not all of us are fond of being in the spotlight, and so is Gautam Gambhir. He spoke up about his experience of being in advertisements that weren’t as great as others think of it. Guess he didn’t like his role much.