Awards, initiatives, prizes, rewards, and honours subsequently play an essential role in encouraging an individual within the ambit of organization for doing better in every step of life. All the institutions, cooperative societies, and governmental world have been accomplished to the people have been produced any of the remarkable and qualitative services that made the future and younger generation for enhancing the position of sport. The government was motivating the crowd by initiating or by suggesting the recommendation to both i.e., coaches and players as well.

1. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is awarded to those who have the highest position, efficiency it is been given to those, who have raised their career for their spectacular performance. Great vulnerability over the field for over four years under the guidance of the ministry of youth affairs, the first and foremost recipient for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna to the Chess Indian Grandmaster as Vishwanathan Anand and also to the youngest player in Olympic Abhinav Bindra. In cricket, four players were given this particular award Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma.

2. Dronacharya Award

This award is usually given to the Highest honoured coaching person who has been named after Guru Drona who was considered as one of the prominent and epic characters from Mahabharata. This particular award is initiated by the Ministry of Young Sports Affair that was established in the year 1985 and was eventually, been given first to Bhalchandra Bhagwat for wrestling and in cricket Tarak Sinha, Sanjay Bhardwaj, Desh Prem Azad, and many more.

3. Arjuna Awards

This has been conferred by the ministry of sport and has been labelled as one of the oldest awards which are given to the person who was always consistent as well as exhibited with outstanding performance for consequently of four years. The award is named after the famous character of Mahabharata ‘Arjuna’ who represent the symbol of obedience, correctness, bravery, and stability over any sport. In cricket, Saleem Durrani in the year 1961 and with him there were five more people wherein the arjuna awards were presented for the first time in the history.

4. Dhyan Chand Award

This particular award has been officially being known for its lifetime achievement; this award is termed as the highest weightage in the field of sport and physical recreation. These specified awards, which were after Major Dhyan Chand, who was well known for being the efficient soldier of the Indian Army, also has made a career in Indian Hockey, who scored more than 1000 goals. The defined recipient of the achievement was selected within the basis for the contribution towards sports that have an active career even after retirement.

5. Padma Vibhushan 

The award is considered as the second-highest among the civilian awards of India after the Bharat Ratna which is given for the exceptional and is been distinguished within the service’. This award is recognised for the distinguished service for the higher-ranked order to the nation in any of the fields. In Indian, there is only 321 achievement which has been labelled under this award and in cricket very few players are given such as Sachin Tendulkar.

6. Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards

National adventure award was formerly, been awarded as the highest honour over the sport as this award was named after the two people who were the first to climb and reach the summit of Mount Everest. This particular award is usually given for the excellence of adventurous activity in the land, water, and sea who would be consistent over three years.

7. Rashtriya Khel Protashan Puruskar

The sports honour has been awarded by the Ministry of Sports that recognises the involvement of the corporate, voluntary type of organization and within the development of the mark. This award was started in 2009 for searching and identifying the category of nurtured budding over the young talent that has to raise the encouragement over the sport, which was the corporate social accountability within the field and off the stadium.

8. Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna which has been settled as the highest civilian award of the republic India that was instituted in 1954 that was recipients as it conferred upon the recognition for the exception of the services and performance for the highest national order. This award is given based on posthumously, wherein Sachin Tendulkar is received at the age of 40 (the youngest recipient of the player). The symbolic representation is a peepal leaf embossed upon the sun and written scripture in the language of Devanagari that is stated as the symbol of the emblem.

9. Padma Bhushan

It is termed as the third-highest honored award for the civilian in the various field of the work over the recommendation, which was received within all the states and in Union territory of the Indian Government along with the several institutions. In the year 1954 which was included even in the government's servants but have settled for the exceptional public sector that was undertaken, that does not have any monetary award.

10. Padma Shri Awards 

Padma Shri is been spelled as the fourth highest national award and is given every year which has been instituted for the recognition that has distinguished upon contribution within the variety of the sphere that includes all the different fields. Herein the selection procedure and criteria have been highly criticized in many of the quarters that can be claimed upon the highly capable or deserving candidate.