Every sport and physical recreation has its own set of benefits as well as sacrifices that come with an equal amount of efficiency or effectiveness. As in India, the cricketer was given many advantages which are purely dependent upon the ability and skills which they possess. The players who have represented India in the international level, despite being in the limelight of the difficulties, still gets few merits after retirement as career span of cricket is a shorter occupation, Till then all the capacity is gone in settling the cricket matches so government plan few rewards for talented and highly skilled players by electing and appointing them to the prestigious post.

1. Lieutenant Colonel Of Indian Army

Kapil Dev and Mahendra Singh Dhoni both are one of the best all-rounders that have represented India within the field of cricket in Kapil dev cricket career of 17 years, which started from 1978 to 1995 he was able to win the heart of Indian several times. Consequently, he was awarded the honorary medal and Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army three years before the MS Dhoni.

2. Deputy Commissioner Of Police

Joginder Sharma was always remembered for their bowling skill which he had when the Indian team played the ICC T20 World cup in the year 2007. He was awarded for the victory that, which was invaluable for the team against Pakistan, by getting a wicket of Misbah-ul-Haq catch by Sreesanth that made a notable victory by five runs.

3. IAF Honorary Group Captain

Sachin Tendulkar is known as the world's foremost and most followed cricketer throughout history as he was awarded the rank of Group Captain by the India Air force in the year 2010. He also worked as the brand ambassador for influencing the young generation, and later, he was also nominated in Raj Sabha, still, due to his quiet and calm nature, he was unable to attend the session in parliament. He is the only first person who was awarded the Group Captain by the IAF without having any type of aviation background.

4. Deputy Superintendent Of Police

Batsman and bowler both are as efficient and collaborative for the team as in the field every player is valuable, and Harbhajan Singh is considered as undoubtedly one of the best and vulnerable off-spinner which India can have. He got retired when he played against South Africa in the year 2015 however, currently, he is not on the team, but moreover, he was elected for the post of Deputy Superintendent in Punjab Police.

5. Assistant Manager Of RBI

Umesh Yadav is also known for their bowling skill. Even before starting a career in cricket, he was an aspiring and honest constable in the police force almost a decade ago. In the year 2017, he was proudly elected for the post delivered for the assistant manager of the RBI. Due to cricket, he lost the constable job, but with his gracing wickets and matches, he got an opportunity for settling into one governmental job.

6. Inspector Of Income Tax Department

Yuzvendra Chahal is also known for his bowling ability, he has gained a vast amount of popularity in international cricket, with his skills, he got a governmental opportunity in the Indian Income Tax Department which gave him the appointment letter for the post of Income Tax Officer in the department.

7. Executive Department Of RBI

KL Rahul is one of the leading and expensive players due to the influencing personality for the young and adult generation, moreover keeping him in mind he is undoubtedly the most skilled and talented player in the Indian team. RBI elected him for the post of Managerial department because of his excellent performance in matches, from all these, Rahul is also seen in the recent RBI advertisement for eventually promoting the financial levelled literacy with his other cricketer friends like Umesh Yadav and Naman Ojha.

8. Superintendent Of Police

Most players get promoted from deputy post to the higher superintendent like the police rewards are mostly given to the player who belongs to the local region of the state yet have represented India in International forum. Many of the cricketers like Umesh Jadav, Harbhajan Singh, and many other players got an opportunity in the police force and eventually got promoted in the ranking.

9. Commentary 

It is not mandatory that all the players get a consistent and stable governmental job of the cricketers or players choose to make their way like many of the sport always open for the commentary with the sportsperson itself as they possess more experience. Like Sehwag, Ganguly, Sidhu, and many more have pursued their career as a commentator and was also have a huge success.

10. Coaching 

There are many cricketers are who are more in coaching and guiding the players, some of the international committee, and other platforms who appoint the coaches for the team. Indian team has Anil Kumble, and Rodds as their coach, which was established by the BCCI for the development and growth of the Team.