1. BJ Watling

Bradley is also known as the South-African-born cricketer and also eventually been called as the former player of New Zealand who have represented the team in international level. He have made the debut as an opening batsman in the team as the part of the national and international representation. The right-handed aggressive batsman has always been consistently playing throughout the formats of cricket.

2. Brendon McCullum 

Although many of the players get initiative with the performance base principles but there are very few who get without any family background and a massive amount of exploitation in the twenty series. Unorthodox, finest, powerful, consistent, and relentlessly cricketer who was into the innovative part for embody in the modern sport.

3. Tom Blundell 

Thomas is the former New Zealand player who has made his many debuts in the all the format of field in both national and domestic platform that have played all along of the first class. He is been known for the skills in an extreme level towards the proficient area of wicketkeeping that has a reliability of all the team player.

4. Luke Ronchi 

Luke is a former New Zealand player that has been the cricket coach for years and national cricketer who have represented in both the undefeatable team i.e. Australian and New Zealand team on an international platform. He was been raised for becoming a rarity and impressive personality that has to enshrine over both the team.

5. Kruger Van Wyk 

Kruger is one of the most elegant wicketkeepers who is the former player and batsman that plays for the District level stags as he has also played from both the side of the country in national level from Australian and New Zealand team. There was an emergence of the likeliest player that has learned every minute principle who have the shortest ever played career.

6. Reece Young 

Reece has played from the domestic level of Auckland that has also represented the nation in the test cricketer series as he has covered over 250 test caps as the reward which was finally been achieved by the national squad player. He was also been initiated with the entitlement of a wicketkeeper that has put the hand into strides who got a chance for representing the team.

7. Gareth Hopkins 

Gareth was one of the most impressive personalities wicketkeepers who have set many of the records that can be unbroken moreover he played five different one-day international series. After seeing the capability of Brendon McCullum he went back to the home town for searching the talent, skills, and understanding the tactics of the judging.

8. Robbie Hart 

Robbie is been held up for the position of former New Zealand player who has the first choice in the test series as the wicketkeeper for the New Zealand which was after the retirement of the former player Adam Parore, before getting retired he took the stumping which was in the year 2004.

9. Lee Germon 

Lee is the former New Zealand cricketer and with the extensive quality of the wicketkeeper who then got enrol as the captainship as he was able to play most of the successful match within which he was captaining and maintaining the duties of leadership that made most of the victory.

10. Daniel Vettori 

His simplicity and versatility have no particulate doubt towards the spinning style for unwavering control of the bowl which made a subtle of the variation. Within the flight and after then turn which is enough to cause trouble to the greatest batsman as well as he can also solve all the unpredictable bowl for playing the shots