Every nation has its own personalized and excellent form of quality based on sport, science, technology, and in every stream, which has an immense level of contribution from the side of teenagers. Pakistan Cricket Team has the most significant number of bowlers. Will any other team have every fast bowler have a mesmerizing thrown and spinner or medium pace have been fonder on remembering the iconic people. Any of the insight has to be fruitful only by analyzing the capacity, skills, and hidden talent of the person as it can make every proud as well as will be able to express the pace over his performance.

1. Shoaib Akhtar 

Arguably, criticized and been held as the most controversial cricketer to have lace on as he was labelled with two contrary names as a troublemaker as well as flame of skill for the future generation. Underneath all the negative baggage, he was the fast and furious bowlers who could ever live in the era, as he had the ability to win the match by himself.

2. Waqar Younis 

There are mainly four different categories of the statistical to gauge the bowler’s effectiveness within which the wickets have been taken, average rate, economic condition, and strike rate. A force towards nature which will be plucked over the bowl and even if been a mentor for making the crazy things that he used to do in the air with ball.

3. Wasim Akram 

Though not been considered accurate for the dropping of the sentence that can be juxtaposed upon the evaluation for twinning the facets that defines for the arm legendary godly lift and over the tainted legacy. Cricket has many outstanding quick for singling out of the greatest among the century that was worth of the contender which is subjected for the call.

4. Sarfraz Nawaz 

He had a fledged blueprint towards the typical Pakistani fast bowler upholding the characteristics of big and robust locks that were held as sometimes hostile and threatening towards the pace of the player, his primary aim he used to have that bowling at such a pace which make stump get out from the initial position and break.

5. Aaqib Javed 

He is termed as silky smoothie runner-up who has a leisurely pace on the action as the fast bowler is known for the aggression, decent texture, two-way of the swing, intelligent behavior of the talent, and as an early debut at the age of 16 years. Furthermore, he has his short-tenured career because of the three reasons that can be folded in the truth of the situation upholding the greatest misfortune with two W’s era one was of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, lastly an aversion to allegation of match-fixing.

6. Fazal Mahmood

In the career of the last few decades as he was represented over three dozen of time that can pop up with the timeline skill which can be favorable to either the statical method or ability of been wise. The finest hour of bowling was when he was playing against the England team, and he took almost six wickets, and finally achieved nine positions in the world record.

7. Imran Khan 

Imran Khan is one of the all-time captains, leader, bowler, legendary player, and in today's era, Prime Minister was considered as an eminent player of Pakistan team, at very high infuriating can be held some of the diehard fans of the Imran Khan. His career was anticlimactic in front of the fans from 1987 to the early 20th century that was termed as the tenure of cornered tiger of Pakistan.

8. Mohammad Amir 

Pakistan has always been evenly blessed with the precocious that will be wise over the talent that holds the candle at the age of 17 years old as he is the only bowler that was isn’t set for the sliding up of the seventh spot in all the over the challengers. Effective upon the mere shadow that has been projected for becoming the pace-slower and swing bowler that can have plenty of the growing legacy of surpassing his career.

9. Umar Gul 

Arguably he is considered the greatest bowler of all time that had been hit his career with all the perfection having no serious injuries that made critical junctures of the professional career. Gul was one of the vulnerable and feasible of new blood which was inducted into the side of disastrous for replacing the old guard for featuring both W’s era.

10. Mohammad Asif 

Unfortunately, his international professional career, which was intermittently according to the troubled for an offense before it can be cut for short good that was lifted the ban which was imposed and got full-stop in his career. Across within his inclusion, he lacked all the skills in his career, despite career appearance he possibly he lacked and gave appropriateness towards the skill and talent which leads to lifting the life.