Cricket is a game which is loved by all. Every cricket fan’s dream is to watch a live cricket match at a stadium. Pakistan has produced a strong cricket team that creates excitement to watch them compete with other team players. Besides, Pakistan also has huge grounds to practice and play games on. In this article, you will get a list of the Top 10 Cricket Stadiums located in Pakistan, along with their capability.

1. National Stadium

The National Stadium of Cricket, which was once known as the ”Pakistan Cricket Fortress”, is Pakistan’s most extensive cricket ground. The Stadium gets located in Karachi, which is also the home base of one of the PSL teams named Karachi Kings. The Stadium can easily accommodate 34,000 people as an audience. The National Cricket Stadium gets developed in 1995. Also, the Ground is beneficial for fast bowlers and a boon for batters in ODI’S.

2. Jinnah Stadium Sialkot

In Sialkot, Jinnah Stadium, constructed by the British in the 1920s, was known as Connelly Park. Later in 1950, it was renamed Jinnah Park, and finally, in 1979, the park was named Jinnah Stadium. It is the oldest and one of the biggest Stadiums in Pakistan, holding a maximum of 18,000 fans. Matches including ODI’sODI’s and tests carried on the ground benefit fast bowlers.

3. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, designed in 1992, is situated between the two cities named Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Ground is known for the World Cup match held in this Stadium in 1996. It is also the prime training center of the PSL team United. After several renovations and reconstructions, the Ground can have a crowd of 28,000 people. Besides, many national championship matches get held in the Stadium. The pitch of the Ground is in favor of batters.

4. Gaddafi Cricket Stadium Lahore

Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, formerly known as Lahore Stadium, was established in 1959 at Lahore Gardens. The Stadium is primarily the training academy for cricketers. However, the Ground is mainly known for the historic World Cup matches of 1987 and 1996. The Ground can hold up to 27,000 people. Besides being one of the most important stadiums in Pakistan, it is also a home ground for Lahore Qalandars.

5. Niaz Stadium Of Hyderabad

Niaz Stadium of Hyderabad gets entirely constructed in 1959 at Qasimabad. The Stadium is popularly known for the hat-trick wickets taken by the first-ever swing bowler Jalaluddin in an ODI match held on the Ground. The Qasimabad Stadium can have a maximum of 15,000 persons at a time. Mostly, ODI’sODI’s and played test matches at the Niaz Stadium. However, the pitch is batting-oriented.

6. Bugti Stadium Quetta

Bugti Stadium, located at Quetta, is named after the Nawab Akbar Bugti. The official name of the Stadium is Nawab Akbar Bugti Stadium. However, until 1989 the name of the Stadium was known as Racecourse Ground. Since the Stadium is not huge, very few national and held tournament matches here. It can hold up to 10,000 fans only. Most importantly, the Stadium gives a motive to the batsmen.

7. Iqbal Stadium Of Faisalabad

The Iqbal Stadium was built in 1970 at Faisalabad and was formerly designated Lyallpur Stadium. The Stadium is named after the famous Pakistani Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Played The first quarter-final of the World Cup in 1996 at the Iqbal Stadium. The land of Iqbal Stadium has a flat pitch preferred by batsmen to score a few good shots. The Stadium can hold a capacity of 18,000 admirers.

8. Arnab Niaz Stadium Peshawar

An important historical monument is Arnab Niaz/Niyaz Stadium at Shahi Bagh (Mughal-e-bagh). Held many international and national matches on the Ground. It can have the strength of 20,000 fans at a time. It is the home ground of the Zalmi Peshawar Team from PSL. The pitch adds a purpose to spinners.

9. Jinnah Stadium Gujranwala

Jinnah Stadium, located at Sialkot, was established during the late 1980s and ’90s. The World Cup Match of 1987 held ODI matches on the Jinnah Ground. The former mayor of Sialkot City, Alhaj Muhammad Aslam Butt, designed the Stadium. The Stadium can fit a capacity of 20,000 viewers. Besides, the Ground is one of the pivotal places because of Pakistan’s first-ever test Cricket Match in 1991. The Ground is beneficial for batters.

10. Multan Cricket Stadium

Multan Cricket Stadium replaced the Ibn-e-Qasim Park in 2001. With 35,000 seats, the Stadium is one of the largest Stadiums and home ground to the PSL team Multan Sultans. The Stadium has also installed Floodlights to carry on matches at night. Test matches and ODI matches in the Stadium. The Ground has a suitable pitch for the pacers.