Cricket is exceptionally different from other sports because as soon as the cricket season arrives, people go crazy to watch live matches. We are sure you are aware of the chaos created worldwide by fans to watch their team win. Every other chore is postponed during the Cricket season, and The fans prioritize Cricket. But what we don't understand is that the main credit for any performing team goes directly to the coach. The coach of any sport plays the most vital role because no matter what result, the blame or the praise is attached to the coaches' names. This article will expose the reason behind the success of the current young Pakistan Cricketers. Yes, you guessed it right! We are disclosing the names of famous and top-ranked Pakistan Cricket Coaches.

1. Moin Khan

Mohammed Moin Khan is a wicket-keeper and a former cricketer of the Pakistan Cricket Team. He was active from 1990 to 2004 as an on-field player. Moin has scored up to 3000 runs in ODI's and has made 200 catches in Test Matches. Later, he was one of the coaches of the Pakistan Cricket Team who had been promoted to the position of head coach in 2014.

2. Mushtaq Mohammed

Mushtaq Mohammed was a prime member of the Pakistan Cricket Team. He performed for 20 years (1959 to 1979) as a cricketer and later retired and decided to coach. Mushtaq is the head coach of the Pakistan National Cricket Team. He was a great right-handed batsman and leg-spinner. He was one of the successful all-rounders in Pakistan. He is the only player to score a century and bowl five wickets twice in the same test match.

3. Javed Miandad

Mohammad Javed Miandad's name is written in golden words in the history of Pakistan Cricket. He is an incredible batsman ever produced by the Pakistan Cricket Team. Javed is well-known for his stylish captaincy tactics, fluent commentary, and a significant bowling pace. After playing his last World Cup in 1996, Javed Miandad retired from Cricket and became a head coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team. He also owns a pivotal position in the Pakistan Cricket Team.

4. Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan is a former Pakistan National Cricketer and an opening batsman. He was also the sustainable all-rounder on the field. Mohsin Khan played for about a decade. Besides being a Cricketer, he was professionally an actor too. Mohsin had featured in a few Bollywood films too. However, he couldn't make a noticeable difference with his existence as a player, and hence, later, he became the coach of the Pakistan National Cricket Team.

5. Aaqib Javed

Aaqib Javed is a former Pakistani Cricketer and the current coach of the Pakistan National Cricket Team. He is a right-hand batsman and a right-armed medium pace bowler. In short, he was a great all-rounder during 1988-1998. The bowler could swing the ball in both ways, which made him unique. Javed was only 16 when he debuted in Test matches, but still, he couldn't flourish as much as he had planned because, during the 90's era, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis ruled the bowling department.

6. Kabir Khan

Muhammad Kabir Khan is a former Pakistan National Team Cricketer who played for Pakistan till 2005. After 2005, the first team he coached was Habib Bank Limited Cricket Team. Kabir is an all-rounder who is a right-handed batsman and a left-arm medium-pace bowler. After gaining a good response as a coach, he trained the UAE national Cricket Team and Afghanistan National Cricket Team.

7. Asif Bajwa

Asif Bajwa runs one of the leading Cricket academies in Pakistan, Bajwa Cricket Academy. His institute has highly qualified trainers, and he is a trainer who works for 8 to 12 hours daily to provide proper coaching for the upcoming cricketers. Although his Cricket career was relatively short, his training hours produced great cricketers.

8. Misbah-Ul-Haq

Misbah-ul-Haq is a former Pakistan Cricketer and the Pakistan National Cricket Team coach. He was the captain of the Pakistan Test Team and ODI Team. He had an enormous existence on the field as a captain. He is the current head coach and was the Chief selector of the Pakistan Cricket Team. He is a dangerous batsman who plays fearlessly against any pace bowler.

9. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is a world-famous left-arm fast bowler, a commentator, and a former cricketer of the Pakistan Cricket Team. After taking retirement from Cricket, Akram decided to utilize his talent by coaching the upcoming bowlers who will glorify the name of the Pakistan Cricket Team in the future. The king of reverse swing began coaching in 2010 after six years of retirement. He was associated with Kolkata Knight Riders, the team of Indian Premier League (IPL), as the bowling coach. Wasim Akram prefers coaching for the Indian Cricket Team because, according to him, Pakistan selectors criticize and have demanding behavior which is not suitable for the game. Yet, he is currently training a PSL Team named Karachi Kings.

10. Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis is a commentator and a former captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Waqar Younis accommodates a place in the list of best fast bowlers. Younis was the deadliest bowler during his era. In such a case, every bowler looks forward to him as an idol and wants to be a successful bowler like him.