True devotion is what we can see in Pakistanis for cricket. Pakistanis feature an unwavering passion and enthusiasm for cricket. It is popular in Pakistan that families sit together for the entire match and enjoy it thoroughly. People are so fond of cricket that they adore the players a lot. How much do your favorite cricketers charge for a game? Who earns the highest? What about their net worth? You might be wondering about these questions. Well don’t you worry; we are here to answer all your questions. Keep reading the article to know who the top 10 wealthy cricketers from Pakistan are.

1. Imran Khan

A remarkable former cricket player, now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has earned immense fame, name, and wealth, which make him top the list of Top 10 richest Pakistani cricketers with a net worth of 70 million USD. His successful captaincy made the Pakistani cricket team enjoy various victories.

2. Shahid Khan Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi is known for his track of breaking and setting new records in cricket. His aggressive batting style makes the crowd crazy. People are fond of his personality that made him gain a lot of fans and a successful cricketer. With a net worth of 47 million USD, Afridi became the second position holder in the list of richest Pakistani cricketers.

3. Shoaib Malik

All-rounder, former captain, and a record holder of taking 100 wickets in ODI, Shoaib Malik has made his cricket career legendary by his excellent performance. Malik is the third richest cricketer of Pakistan who has a net worth of 25 million USD.

4. Muhammad Hafeez

Another best all-rounder, Muhammad Hafeez, is known as ‘Professor’ because of his playing style and record-breaking performances. Hafeez became the first player to be named to the new Twenty20 tournament after being signed by Caribbean Premier League. All these make him the fourth richest player of Pakistan who has a net worth of 23 million USD.

5. Azhar Ali

A well-known cricketer and a captain of Pakistan ODI’s cricket team, Azhar Ali has shown an excellent performance in cricket which made him appreciated by many people. He grabs the 5th position in the list of Top 10 wealthy cricketers of Pakistan with a net worth of 15 million USD.

6. Saeed Anwar

The former Pakistani cricketer, and captain, Saeed Anwar, played cricket with full passion and enthusiasm for about 15 years. He has earned a lot from his game. With a net worth of 12 million USD, Anwar grabs the 6th position in the list of richest Pakistani cricketers.

7. Misbah Ul Haq

Misbah Ul Haq, who once was known for his phenomenal performance as a middle-order batsman, and leading captain, is the current head coach of the Pakistani cricket team. Various records are named in his career and known for his aggressive shots. Misbah is currently at 7th position in the top 10 list of richest Pakistani cricketers.

8. Fawad Alam

Currently, the captain of the National Bank of Pakistan Team and Pakistan A cricket team, Fawad Alam, is one of the top 50 batsmen with the highest batting average and the only Pakistani cricketer to be named in this list. Alam earns 6 million USD per annum that makes him the 8th richest cricketer of Pakistan.

9. Umar Akmal

Umar Akmal is a prominent batsman, wicketkeeper, and spinner. Akmal got the opportunity of an establishment player for the Caribbean Premier League. He has also played for the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited. With a net worth of 4.6 million USD, he became the 9th richest cricketer of Pakistan.

10. Umar Gul

One of the best bowlers in T20 cricket and an excellent performer. Gul is the record holder of the second-most highest wicket-taker after Saeed Ajmal. Umar has a net worth of 2 million USD that makes him the 10th richest cricketer of Pakistan.