1. Colin Bland

Veteran South African cricketer Colin Bland was an OK offensive slugger; however, due to his fielding, he has become renowned and is not considered solely to be his country’s best fielder but the best fielder in cricket history. Bland could fling in balls from the boundary with unreal accuracy. And he had an utterly hellish tendency to run batters out with direct hits.

2. Jonty Rhodes

TV audiences would usually get thwarted if they failed to see something spectacular from Jonty Rhodes in the field. He dazzled the planet with a level of fielding that he had never seen before. The raw strenuosity, anticipation, and the ability to acquire diving catches by flying made him a novel fielder. Rhodes typically fielded at cowl purpose, where the ball goes at lightning speeds, and the trajectories were usually unpredictable. However, he infrequently placed a foot wrong throughout his career and came up with a number of the most spectacular catches ever seen.

3. AB De Villers

AB De Villers became South Africa’s best fielder in no time. Over the years, he has attained beautiful catches overall sports formats and is well-tried to be a thrilling fielder in all positions. Thanks to his innate athletic talents, the fields inside the circle in restricted overs and frequently save some runs.

4. Faf Du Plessis

South African captain Faf du Plessis is one of the world’s best fielders right now and among the numerous talented fielders that the country has made over the years; he is undoubtedly one of the simplest. Taking a look at matches, he typically fields at slips, and his slip fielding gets appreciated by Mark Waugh, one of all the best fielders at the position within the last twenty-five years. Most times, the fields within the circle in limited-overs, and for many batters, it’s pretty troublesome to induce the ball past him.

5. Herschelle Gibbs

Herschelle Josiah Willard Gibbs is counted among the simplest fielders to possess ever contend the sport. He claimed all types of sport and was a real menace for batting sides no matter his position. Whether Gibbs was chasing down balls from getting to the boundary or throwing himself around to save many runs, Herschelle was the whole package as a contemporary fielder. Throughout his career, he made lots of stunning catches to show the tide of the games; however, at one time, he was (in)famous for the unforgettable drop, where he once grassed Steve Waugh’s catch within the Super Six game between Australia and Africa within the 1999 tournament.

6. David Miller

David Miller has, no doubt gets verified to be a match-winner for South Africa on multiple occasions, along with his enormous power-hitting talents. However, at one time, his natural talents as a fielder were not celebrated the most as they ought to be. Miller is that fielder who could catch within the 30-yard circle and more; he will field at any place within the deep. His catching ability, reflexes, running the command, and mighty arm makes his batting aspect something you merely cannot take gently.

7. Adman Bacher

Former South African cricketer Adman Bacher was one of the country’s simplest fielders ever created. If Bacher had a career that prolonged more than nineteen tests and thirteen in some future internationals, then cricket fans would be ready to watch a bit more of his fielding artistry. The catch he had taken to send Tendulkar to Pavilion in 1996 is considered one of the most unreal catches of history.

8. Temba Bavuma

Temba Bavuma has been one of the most notable successes within South African in recent years, and to add to his talent as a batter, he is a vastly talented fielder. He has been a significant member of South Africa’s fielding unit, and one of his signature qualities is his close-in fielding capabilities. On the other hand, Bavuma’s ground fielding is genuinely out of this world, and batters typically moot before taking liberties against him. The run out of David Warner last year in an exceedingly matched game may be a prime example of why Bavuma is one of the most effective fielders made by South Africa.

9. Russel Endean

Endean was one of the country’s most essential cricketers and is attributable to being one of the foremost outstanding fielders of his generation. Endean had everything that one would expect from a top-ranking fielder. Raw reflexes, energy, the power to maneuver quickly, and especially the ability to anticipate the batsman’s moves. He took many gorgeous catches in his career and was significantly effective while fielding in an offensive position to South Africa’s legendary off-spinner Hugh Tayfield’s bowling.

10. Dean Elgar

Dean Elgar exudes a constant potency level on the sector as he will once he has the bat in hand; while not showing off his significant spectacularity, he has been declared one of his country’s best-ever fielders. One of his most vital qualities as a fielder is that he will field at any place and thus provide the captain with the best fielder at any position he needs. Elgar could be a safe catcher and throw on the field to save many runs. From time to time, he can even make beautiful catches.