People from the current generation are much more focused on the ‘fashion sense’ in their attire and attitude. The latest cricketers have a great sense of fashion and dressing to add to that criteria. Fashion sense includes their dressing style, outward apparel, wardrobe collections, etc. in this article; we will be looking at the “Top 10 fashion icons” in the South African cricket team. This list includes current players and old and retired players who have a great technique of holding out their fashion ideas.

1. Faf Du Plessis

The man who topped this list is Francois ‘Faf’ du Plessis, a South African professional cricketer and former captain. A man with a fabulous physique and an aesthetic posture. He has a great collection of outfits which includes all his sportswear, casual, and formal wear.  Along with ‘Virat Kohli,’ his IPL teammate, Faf has started to take his fashion textures to the next level. With his ideal dressing and maintaining his looks even on the ground, Faf has earned an enormous fan army just for him. With his super cool looks, his dashing hair, and beard style, Faf will remain one the best cricket player with a vast fashion sense.

2. David Miller

With his super cool and sexy looks, the player who earned the 2nd spot is ‘David Andrew Miller.’ With his stunning looks, Miller attracted a vast audience just for his fashion sense in his outfits and hairstyling. With his highly admirable physique, cricket fans went crazy about his tremendous fashionable sense. He is a man of sheer fitness and encourages others on their fitness journey. His dressing sense and collections alone make him more fashionable.

3. Dale Steyn

Is there any list for fashion and style without Dale Steyn? Every other ‘top 10’ list about the sexiest, or most stylish cricketers, he will always be there. He is one of the world’s greatest fast bowlers and one of the best elegant cricketers. With his great sense of hairdressing, he has set numerous trends among boys with his hairstyles. People started asking; they wanted a hairstyle like Steyn. He was an inspiration for millions. In pitch, he broke the stumps, and in life, he broke the fashion records with his trending fashion ideas.

4. AB De Villiers

Taking the 4th spot is AB de Villiers, who was the former captain and batsman of the South African team. He is popularly known as ‘Mr.360’ among his fans and cricket critics. With his incredible batting skills, he sent the ball flying all around the stadium. He is also popularly known for his clean and neat dressing style. He always makes sure he looks elegant in front of people and fans. FUN FACT: he not only played cricket, but he also played many sports like Hockey, Table-Tennis, Rugby, Badminton, Golf, Swimming, and Tennis,  keeping him perfect in shape and athletic, which helped him a lot in his fashion.

5. Kagiso Rabada

Not a lot of cricketers are used to photoshoots. But rabada is an exception. Kagiso Rabada, at no.5, constantly keeps himself occupied with a lot of fashion works. Having frequent photoshoots, posting his pictures on his social media, and sponsoring brands, likewise, Rabada keeps himself in a fashionable lifestyle. His passion for great outfits and wardrobe collections is also high and admirable. Whether it is formal wear or casual, rabada slays in every outfit. He is also one of the most cricketers with a great Abs, making his overall look great.

6. JP Duminy

At the no.6 spot is Jean-Paul Duminy, more commonly known as JP Duminy, a South African cricket commentator and former international cricketer. He is one of the few cricketers who could bat, bowl well, and keep his style well. His different kinds of hairstyling had a huge attraction among fans. Being the fittest cricketer, Duminy stayed perfect in his shape even after retirement. He makes his physique and style his priority and stays in his best fashion sense.

7. Aiden Markram

At no.7 is the handsome hunk of South African cricket player, Aiden Markram. Starting his career at the 2014 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup as a team captain, Markram stayed as a ‘heartthrob’ for his young fans. With his charming looks and stylish looks and posture, he attracted a massive set of fandom for him. Markram is usually seen in casual wear. He also has a trendy set of collections in his formals and suits. Not many cricketers are frequently seen in suits, but Markram is just ahead.

8. Anrich Arno Nortje

The man slaying at the no.8 spot is Anrich Arno Nortje, a professional South African cricketer. He has extraordinary skill and ability to bowl at more than 150 km/hr. Not only does he have a great interest in bowling, but he also has a lot of interest and techniques in his dressing sense, and he is also a big fashion enthusiast. Unlike formal and professional wear, Nortje prefers more on his casual fashion sense and keeps his attire more on casual and breezy way.

9. Ryan Rickelton

At no.9 is the newcomer Ryan David Rickelton. He made his debut for the South Africa cricket team on 31st march 2022 as a left-hand batsman. Like his batting, his style and looks were also fresh and refreshing for the fans in South Africa. On his social media pages, Ryan showcases his life and his fashion sense widely to the people. In the upcoming days, fans are looking forward to his batting techniques on the ground and his social fashion world on his media pages.

10. Lungi Ngidi

Getting the 10th spot is the young medium pace bowler ‘Lungi Ngidi,’ who, with his great bowling techniques, put on a great show at the ground. And; with his stylish dressing and attire, he grasped everyone’s focus to him. With his refreshing sense of fashion and behavior, Ngidi had more people look up to him. He is also an athlete in ROC NATION SPORTS INTERNATIONAL, being an idol for fitness and style in the South African cricket team.