1. A Flower

He is an OBE player of the Zimbabwean former cricketer and also the coach of the team as per the data he captained the team at the national level as he was positioned for wicketkeeper almost around ten years according to the statistical record he was the greatest batsman of the country that has produced.

2. G Flower

He is a considered Zimbabwean player who has coached the cricket team and was also the former cricketer that has currently been under the category of batting coach of the Sri Lankan Team as he has been rated among the popular and famous historical players for the consistent batting and spinning skills.

3. A Campbell

Efficient player who is a retired cricketer and also the former captain of the Zimbabwe team in the national team and in total there are almost 60 matches in his test series within his career almost he was able to captain around 21 games in the occasions as he played around 188 games in One Day International series, and ran around 86 of them.

4. Sean Williams

Sean is one of the most efficient players of Zimbabwe and the elected member who has played every format of the international form which has also primarily been selected for the captainship. He was personalized based on bold, dynamic, agile, and skillful features who have the many proficiency for batting tactics.

5. Ryan Burl

Ryan is the team member who has represented the team at the national level that has also played the debut in the International team in the year of 2017 to appreciate accordingly he has made the part-time leggie position as the youngest loved squash player than the cricket player, due to the mateship and personality bending, he opted cricket.

6. Craig Ervine

Craig is one the most popular and efficient international Zimbabwean player who has represented the team in every single format on both the international and national stage, as Ervine have played in test series for a limited set of overs and was an outstanding player of first-class variety who has firm root engrave upon batting skills.

7. Donald Tiripano

Donald is headed, and captain of the Zimbabwean team and showed the player who has played on the national stage as the role of the all-rounder. He is blessed with tremendous working ethics, and understanding the on-field tactics, with a pitch of eagerness. He learns to use the principle for improving his skills.

8. Sikandar Raza

He is categorized as a Pakistani – Zimbabwean player which has played in international series with a primary specialty of battings skills that have emigrated along with the family who has soon been headed under the best batsman in the domestic competition that caught an eye-catching performance who made him select for the official team.

9. Elton Chigumbura

Elton is one of the most fragile players of the Zimbabwean cricketer who have played in the national player in cricket team. He made his first debut in the national team at the age of 18 but due to the amidst issue of the rebel the crisis went up, so he was unable to play for some time but continued.

10. Carl Mumba

He is the Zimbabwean cricketer who has played, and his debut was made in the year 2016, his first excited over fast bowling within the prospect of bowling skill who have trait under valuable principles. At 26 years, he has made many matches into the victory that has informed many of his impressive personality.