Over the years, the Royal Challengers Bangalore has become one of the best sides in IPL. However, after the extraordinary efforts of their players, things have not worked out in their favour. Currently, the Royal Challengers Bangalore is under the captainship of Virat Kohli. The Royal Challengers Bangalore has exceptionally famous for their batting, but they were lacking in impressing the spectators with their bowling style. In recent years Royal challengers Bangalore produced many great bowlers. Here are the top 10 best bowlers of Royal challengers Bangalore-

1. Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal is the right-arm spinner who has been playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore over the past years and has been a phenomenal bowler ever since he has come into the Mumbai Indians. Unimaginably he has taken 121 wickets in the 99 games he has played in his IPL career, which is very high for any bowler in a cricket career.

2. R Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar has started his career in the Indian Premier League with Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008 as a domestic player who holds the remarkable record of becoming the first Indian seamer to breach 100 IPL wickets. During his time with Royal Challengers Bangalore, he took 80 wickets in 70 matches.

3. Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is the Indian legend who captained the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009 and took the team to the IPL finals. So far, he has taken 53 wickets under his belt from 51 matches. In the 2009 season, Anil Kumble established the best-ever bowling figures.

4. Sreenath Aravind

Sreenath Aravind is a veteran in Karnataka’s domestic circuit. He has played for Royal challengers Bangalore for three seasons during which he successfully took impressive 51 wickets in 44 matches.

5. Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan is the former Indian pacer who started his IPL journey with Royal Challengers Bangalore; although he doesn't play more matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore he has picked up 49 wickets in 44 games.

6. Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is the former India pacer who was extensively known for his bowling variations from low to high. He plays a vital role in Royal Challengers Bangalore. During the initial years of the tournament, he successfully managed to take 41 wickets in 47 games.

7. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn is the legendary South African steamer who joined Royal challengers Bangalore in 2008 and spent three seasons with the team. He returned to Royal Challengers Bangalore after nine seasons. He has so far claimed 38 wickets in 40 matches for the Virat Kohli’s side in RCB.

8. Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc led Royal challengers Bangalore in 2014 and 2015. He only played two seasons for Royal challengers Bangalore then also he has successfully managed to take 34 wickets in 27 matches.

9. Harsh Patel

Harsh Patel is an Indian Medium-pacer, he played for Royal challengers Bangalore for five seasons, and now he is playing for Delhi Capitals. He is famous for bowling death overs which plays a very integral part in changing the whole scenario of the match. He claimed 34 wickets in 36 matches.

10. Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is the outstanding South African all-rounder, who played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore for only three seasons then also; he has successfully managed to take 30 wickets in 46 games.