The journey may not  yet started for you, but your hard work can manage your destination. We have heard many rags to riches stories, and based on a similar concept, here is the brief of the first innings of life of some of the sought-after cricketers of their time. The shining presence of cricketers does not let us see their struggles and the fact that their life was not always the same. They did whatever it took to reach where they are today. From ground staff to police officers, here is the list of ten cricketers and their previous professions to make us believe that dreams come true.

1. Shane Bond

 Fast, fearsome, and fragile, Shane Bond was a Policeman in New Zealand before he entered cricket. He later admitted that the training he received during that time helped him in his cricketing career. The cricketer is known for his speedy deliveries.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The name needs no formal introduction. Our captain cool is one of the most successful captains of all time. MS Dhoni was a ticket collector in Railway Department in Kharagpur before cricket. His struggles have been beautifully conveyed in his biopic.

3. AB De Villiers

His early life proves that he is made for sports. He is an all-rounder. AB de Villiers was the national under 19 badminton champion. He was felicitated with the Nelson Mandela medal for his scientific research. And finally, he met his destiny, cricket. Today we all are well aware of his astonishing style.

4. Mitchell Johnson

 Mitchell played his first inning as a plumbing van driver. He drove plumbing vans for a living alongside striving on the cricket field to find his way back into the state team, which he later succeeded in doing. His hard work paid, and he was selected on the national team a few years later.

5. Nathan Lyon

Nathan Lyon would have never thought that one day he would be a regular feature in the Australian Test side. His role in the ground staff and suddenly his role became significantly important. Diamond’s shine reached the coach of the South Australia cricket team and offered him to play in the Big Bash League for the Southern Redbacks.

6. Mohammad Tauqir

A UAE Skipper, was at a bank, worked as a Banker, and landed in cricket after deciding to work for himself now, for his passion and with his passion.

7. Brad Hodge

Most of the cricketers are not born with silver spoons. They strived too in their life, and after that, they reached towards their passion for cricket; before becoming a successful cricket player, Hodge worked as an employee in a local petrol pump. People like him are the mine of inspiration.

8. Dwayne Leverock

The cricketer has been praised for his nimble catch of Robin Uthappa in the 2007 World Cup. He was a policeman before he made his career in cricket. However, the right-handed batsman could not achieve the best in cricket. He could only score 111 runs in the 32 One Day Internationals. He took 34 wickets and played two T20Is.

9. Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell was a coach and has been remembered to spend his years of early life playing Baseball or lead his life as a baseball player. Belligerent, quick-witted, and nonchalant, he inherited the post of captain from Bill Lawry.

10. Dipak Chudasama

A Former Kenya Cricketer who was once a table tennis player and played at various levels before carving a name for himself in cricket. He was a right-handed batsman. Popularly known as "The Doc", Chudasama was, as well as being a cricketer, a professional orthodontist.