Around the world, there is a huge fan following of cricketers as compared to other sports. Cricket is not famous among  men ,but also females like cricket matches but some of them would like to watch cricket  to see handsome men.So there  ten most handsome men in the world are as follows:-

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team captain. He is the world's best batsman, not only famous for his excellent  performances, but also people like him for his handsome look.. Thirty one years old with 5'9" height, well-developed fitness followed by him to gain excellentaptitude. Compared to other (Indian) cricketers, Virat has a tremendous fan following worldwide and primarily  females. He is a handsome, charming, record-breaking cricketer with a great personality.

2. Alastair Cook

The former captain of the England cricket team Alastair Cook is 35 years old, and his height is 6’2”. He is a left-handed cricketer (batsman). Cook is not only famous for his charming looks but also  his performance, the 5th highest test run -scorer. The Essex Live named the sexiest man in Essex. His attractive looks made him one of the most handsome cricketers in the world.

3. Brett Lee

The Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is always famous for his tight bowling and also for his handsome look. He is forty-three years old with 6'2" (1.88 m) in height. Lee is known as one of the fastest bowlers in the world.He has been working as an actor,  commentator for Fox Sports after his retirement.The collaboration with the Indian artistry industry wrote the song called "you are the one for me" and recorded with Indian female legend singer Asha Bhosle and many other projects and films he did have also gained a huge fan following around the world.

4. Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen is one of the most handsome cricketers with his strange haircuts; heroic fashion sense makes him more attractive.Cricket commentator and England cricket team player Kevin Pietersen ,40 years old, 6'4" inheight one of the greatest cricket batsmen players of his era.He has a huge fan following among the ladies, he has a record of one- day international cricket, the fastest 2000 runs to cross just within one day.In 2021, he was named as England’s greatest modern batsman by The Guardian.

5. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke, the Australian cricket team player; is  39 years old with 5'10" in height, the most handsome cricketer in the world, his physique and a killer smile can turn you off your feet. His stylishness, sobriety and firmness in the cricket zone make him one of a kind person. He is also known for his outstanding leadership. In 2015, he led his team to the cricket world cup triumph and won four times, The Allan border medal in 2021, he got married to a business owner and a model named, Kylie. That time he broke many hearts of his fans.

6. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson, 38 years old Australian pacer with 6'2" in height;He has such characteristics that would easily impress anybody. He has been highly well-known in the ladies’ folk given  impressive physique and killer looks. That charming dimple on his cheeks makes him irresistible.Mitchell retired in 2015 and has played in all forms of cricket. In 2009, he was awarded the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy byinternational cricket council’s.With 313 wickets, he is the fifth- highest wicket taker in the Test matches, and also he was awarded the Allan Border Medal in 2014.

7. David Miller

David Miller is also the most handsome cricketer in the world. He is 32 years old a 6'0" height South African cricketer. He is the most charming left-handed batsman. David is famous for his hard-hitting abilities. Along with his execellent way of batting he is so famous for his handsome looks. Miller was one of South Africa's top performers in his era. During the World Cup in 2015, Miller along with JP Duminy, recorded the highest fifth wicket partnership in ODI history as well as World Cup history.

8. James Anderson

James is an English international cricketer, 38 years old with 6'2" tall with his English aesthetics. He has attractive characteristics, his eyes, a charming smile that would liquefy any young lady's heart in a flicker of an eye. His stylish sense and sporty haircut make him significantly hotter. This British cricketer will be perhaps the most attractive cricketer on the planet. Anderson has taken wickets both in test and one0-day international cricket. He was the 1st bowler to reach 400 - 600 wickets in test matches. In 2020, he is in the 14th position in the ICC Test Bowling Rankings.

9. Manish Pandey

Manish is the other most handsome cricketer in India. He is an Indian- international cricketer and is 31 years old. Large numbers of Kohli fans will disagree that he is currently the most attractive cricketer from India. Yet, it is a reality. Manish Pandey is in front of Kohli in this rundown. Pandey is India's right-given batsmen and is likewise the most youthful Indian to score a century in IPL. He is likewise essential for the Indian center request in International cricket too.

10. Mark Wood

Mark Wood is the bowler for England in all the formats. He is 31 years old and 6'0" tall, right-handed bowler, and batsman. He is another handsome man in the cricket match. No one in this world will forget his heroics when he saved only sevenruns in the last over of the Cricket match against South Africa. The speed of bowling is also very stylish and his killer smile can quickly melt anyone's heart.