1. Republic Of Fiji

The Fiji National Cricket Team represents Fiji at the international level. It has been an associate member of the ICC since 1965. In 2018 Fiji got the T20I status and played its first T2o in 2019. They played their first-ever tournament in 1979 and  made it to the semi-finals of the ACC trophy in 1966. The team won the 2006 ICC EAP cricket Trophy in Brisbane, winning all six matches. However, the growth of cricket in Fiji is a bit sluggish.

2. Samoa

The Samoan National Cricket Team represents the Independent State of Samoa at the International fora. It has been affiliated with ICC since 2000 and had participated in the 2001 and 2002 Pacifica championship; however, they could not qualify for the 2011 world cup. In 2017 Samoa became an associate member of the ICC and went on playing its first T20I against Papua New Guinea in 2019. James Baker, Benjamin Malaita, Dom Michael are some notable players.

3. Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Cricket Team has been an associate member of ICC since 1973. PNG gained the ODI status in 2014, however, they lost their ODI and T20I status in 2018 due to their dismal performances. It was in 2019, they reclaimed the ODI status by defeating Oman. They hold the record for scoring the highest total of 572/7 against New Caledonia in 2007. Recently, they qualified for the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup which is to be held in UAE.

4. Japan

The Japan Cricket Association has been a member of the ICC since 1989. Japan debuted at the 1996 ACC trophy and has been playing regional competitions for a long time. Initially a part of the Asian Cricket Council, Japan became a part of the east pacific region in 2000. They were granted the associate membership in 2005, winning the ICC EAP cricket cup in the same year. They were granted the T20I status in 2019.

5. Thailand

Thailand Cricket Team has been an associate member of the ICC since 2005. Thailand took the opportunity to host  2009, 2010, 2012 ACC Trophy Challenge. Cricket sprouted in the country in the 1990s when people were driven towards playing cricket, however, due to ICC’s uptight rules and regulations they could not afford to be an affiliate member till 1995. Cricket is seeming to be developing at a slow pace in the Thai Nation however their players have given some above par performances.

6. Canada

Canada attained the status of an Associate member in 1968. They played their first major international tournament in 1979 where they qualified to play the 1979 world cup. However, they could not make it to the next world cup until 2003 and attained the ODI and T20I status. After the recent induction of the world cricket league divisional structure, they are placed among the bottom teams. Cricket in Canada is sprouting since they started their  T20 league, called Canada Premier League where players participate from all over the world.

7. Kenya

Kenya has been an associate member since 1981 and has appeared in five cricket world cups from 1996 to 2011 and even managed to qualify for the semi-finals against South Africa. However, they lost their ODI status in 2014 after losing at the 2014 cricket world cup qualifier. One of the major reasons for the setback of the Kenyan Cricket teams would be their lack of amenities and basic infrastructure.

8. USA

USA cricket has been growing at a firm rate. After becoming an associate member in 1965 they were expelled by the ICC in 2017 over governance and financing issues until 2019 when they became the official associate members. Many cricketers including Core Anderson and some fine Indian players moved to the USA to pursue their further careers in cricket and that speaks volumes of how much progress the game has made here.

9. Vanuatu

Vanuatu attained the status of an associate member in 2009. They debuted in 1979 Pacific Games when their country was known as New Hebrides. Vanuatu attained the full T20I status in 2018 and went on to lose its debut game against Papua New Guinea in 2019.

10. Kuwait

The team is union by the Kuwait Cricket Association, that has been associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 2005, having antecedent been associate affiliate member since 1998.Kuwait created its international debut in 1979, however has solely compete often at international level since the first 2000s, showing often in Asian Cricket Council tournaments since then. starting within the early 2010s, the aspect appeared in many World Cricket League events, though it had been relegated back to regional level when the 2013 Division Six tournament. In 2018 former South African international Herschelle Josiah Willard Gibbs was appointed coach of Kuwait for the 2020 independent agency World Twenty20 qualification method