During the cricket matches, which is arguable that there can be only two batsmen on the ground at a single time, positioned in front of stumps and another beside the bowler, the procedure is simple if the first striker is playing, then the other player has to standstill. For some of the batting, some essentials are considered as the impressive set of sight that sound over the ball of great stroke. Every player positioned according to; the need of the compatibility and comfortability that have a variety of several forms of techniques.

1. Backlift

The LBBT is considered more beneficial for a batsman as one of the bats is lifted in such a manner that it hits in the direction of the second slip or towards the gully. In the contrasting of the statement, backlift within which, the bat faced towards the bat points for the wicketkeeper or from the ground which is ultimately known as SBBT.

2. Drive

Usually, a drive is considered as the straight batted shot that has been played over the swinging of the bat that has a vertical for of arc through the solid line of the ball, which hit the ball in front of the bowlers along with the ground. Drives can be played on both sides of the pitch, which is off and back foot; herein the back-foot drives are usually harder to force upon the line through the ball.

3. Glance

A leg glance can be elaborated as the dedicated site of the straight batted shot which is played along with the ball that is aimed slightly on the leg bowl side. Usage of the bat towards the flick of the ball as it subsequently passes the batting of the player over the requirement of some wrist-related work as well by deflecting the square leg or towards the circumference of delicate leg area.

4. Defensive Shot

The defensive shot is consecutive, termed as the shot which, is settled many times as the player does not limit the intending situation for making the ball usually, many kinds of the defensive shot is done for the protection of the ball without hitting the stumps.

5. Cut

In cricket, the batting is; usually been done by looking towards the ball, judging it, and then hitting in such a direction which do not lead out of the player, wicket which is been bowled on the leg side cut is subsequently, been termed as the batsman who hits the ball on the uprising of the square i.e., after it has been shot within the ground in the direction towards the offside. The court is with or held behind the wicket should be either pulled or been hooked in which the batsman hit the ball through the leg side.

6. Sweep

Sweep is been labelled as the cross-batted in the front of the foot shot that has played towards the low which is termed for the soft bouncing ball that consists of slow bowler which is done with the help of knee which is positioned as kneeling on one of the knees and then bringing the head portion down within the line of the ball and then swinging around the horizontal arc.

7. Square Drive

A square drive is usually played towards the ball that is been pitched slightly more comprehensive in the actual position as the shot is played with more the of standing position upholding horizontal arena of bat duly looking after the width as well as wherein it has been settled as difficult for getting towards the front foot which is put close to the pitch whenever the ball is delivered.

8. Pull

A pull is considered as the crossed batted portion of the shot, which is played towards the ball bouncing around the direction of the waist height that can be hit by swinging the bat around the lower abdomen in the horizontal arc in front of the body. Pulling the bat around and towards the leg side can make the mid-wicket and square leg effective.

9. Hook

A hook shot is considered as one of the shots that are quite similar to the pull shot, but if there is a proper level of definition that will explain the concept of hook shot is that it played against the ball that is bouncing against, or above the chest-high towards the batting player. Here the batting player thus has to hook the ball towards the square leg or hit in the direction of the ground or air.

10. Helicopter Shot

In cricket, one of the iconic shots and signature hits which is played by the captain of the Indian cricket team i.e., MS Dhoni, is played with all the potential and firm wrist flick. The act or position of hitting the ball has been meant over the wrist flick that is usually performed by using the bottom hand with the excessive dominant force, which gives a flourishing stroke, and the bat usually being circled overhead.