Among various types of low scores, the one that hurts the team, and the confidence of the player most, will be getting duck out. We will now have a look at the most individual duck outs for a team in test cricket in 2021.

10. Afghanistan

Afghanistan played only two tests in the entire year. Both the tests were part of a two-match test series against Zimbabwe. The series went decent for the teams, drawing 1-1. Both the matches together, some significant number of batsmen got duck out.

Afghanistan had 8 individual duck outs in 2021.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand had a decent year in this aspect. They played six tests and yet very few batsmen got out without troubling the scorers. In terms of test cricket, they had a splendid year winning the World Test Championship and also an away series in England.

New Zealand had 9 individual duck outs in 2021.

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka started the year poorly, in terms of test cricket. They lost their first three matches, then drew their next three matches, then won their final three matches. Towards the end of the year, they won a series each against Bangladesh and West Indies.

Sri Lanka had 13 individual duck outs in 2021.

7. South Africa

South Africa had a good year in terms of batting in tests. Except for the one match against India, they scored well and big in all the matches. There were not many duck outs either.

South Africa had 17 individual duck outs in 2021.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan had a good year in tests, winning three series, one each against South Africa, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. In terms of batting, they were good, not getting out much to low scores.

Pakistan had 18 individual duck outs in 2021.

5. West Indies

West Indies played 10 tests in 2021. They had a decent year in terms of duck outs, though, as most of the times, the batsmen managed to score runs.

West Indies had 23 individual duck outs in 2021.

4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh had a poor year in test cricket. They played seven tests, winning one, drawing one and losing the remaining five. In terms of poor batting, the biggest example will be their last test of the year against Pakistan. Pakistan scored 300 and there were only four sessions remaining in the match. All Bangladesh had to do was to just score 101 and avoid following on, ensuring there is not enough time to lose the match. But they started collapsing out of nowhere and got all out for 87 with their No.8, No.9, No.10 batsmen all getting duck out. They eventually lost by an innings and 8 runs.

Bangladesh had 23 individual duck outs in 2021.

3. Zimbabwe

For the few tests Zimbabwe, they had a poor year in this aspect. Needless to say, they did not win much throughout the year. Drawing a series against Afghanistan, losing to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe had 23 individual duck outs in 2021.3

2. India

India played 14 matches this year and that was one main reason why they had accumulated a large number of individual duck outs. There were multiple instances of terrible batting by the team, though. For example, 145 all out in Ahmedabad, 78 all out in Headingley. Jasprit Bumrah got duck out 7 times in 2021, which was the most by any player in 2021.

India had 36 individual duck outs in 2021.

1. England

This year was a horrible year for England in terms of test cricket. They played 15 tests. The start of the year was promising, though. They won both the tests played in Sri Lanka against Sri Lanka. Then also defeated India in their own den in the first match of a four-match series. However, from there on, things started going downhill. In the remaining 12 matches, England won one, drew two and lost nine matches. One main reason for this was their batting. No batsman barring Joe Root had a decent year and this was one main contributing factor in England accumulating many individual duck outs.

England had 54 individual duck outs in 2021.