The Argentina National team usually represents the mentorship of the international Cricket Council series wherein he got the associated member in 1974, Eventually the have the debut in 1979 which was against England team that failed to appear for the 1982 edition. The team has won matches in the division level and was considered for renaming the world cup qualifier for establishing the different side of the team with the following year. However, the team has re-qualified instead of playing and competing in the regional leveled tournament.

1. Esteban MacDermott 

He was considered as one of the finest players which the team can ever have for the enhancement of the performance as he can be summed up by labeling him as an all-rounder of the group. He was one of the vulnerable players with playing all along with of 36 matches and scored the efficient run rate of 283 though also to the wicket of 29 players in the who span of the career life.

2. Bernardo Irigoyen 

Bernardo is also known for the batting skills as his fielding and batting tactics in the cricket as he played nine matches and scored around 149 runs. Though the bowling is also in an immense level of performance, but batting of the player was quite impressive for the council to get qualify by scoring a vast shot run.

3. Martin Siri 

Martin is labeled for the extensive level of quality which he is having  he played sum-up of 22 matches and was able to target the run of 502 with all the debut series that was held in regional as well as international level. As he was able to take the three wickets of all along of the match for upgrading the performance.

4. Lucas Paterlini 

He is also one of the finest players and all-rounder of the team which have a good sense of batting skills, fielding principles, and bowling tactics who have played around 27 matches and was able to target the run of 427 consecutively he took 31 wickets of the players.

5. Diego Lord 

Lord, is also known for the batting tactics which he possesses that is outstanding for the representation of the team as he was able to target the run score of 120 in the defined matches of 24 and even after battings skills he took around 32 wickets that can be settled for the performance of the team.

6. Hernan Williams 

  1. William is also in the social media for his extensive amount of performance which was enshrined in his small career span. He will continue for the duration of cricket. He has made 122 runs within the 13 matches and eventually is always been that his fielding skills and mechanism of planning the matches.

7. Grant Dugmore 

Grant is also been taken into consideration for his immensely surprisingly techniques of the batting criteria, as he played around 14 matches that were targeted for the core of 227 runs. He is the former player who has been able to show all his performance in the consistently manner.

8. Donald Forrester 

He is been held as the idealized players for the former amount of player who has been selected for the representation of the team at the national as well as international level as he have the highest score among the recently player chosen. He was able to achieve the run score of 353 and within the time of 22 matches; moreover, he was able to take two wickets that can also be count for the player vulnerability.

9. Gary Savage 

Performance of the Argentina cricketer in the series of World cup which were diversely, been enhanced the growth of the player as he played 33 matches and was able to achieve 371 runs that was scored all along and also he gained around 36 wickets which was eventually the sign of all-rounder.

10. Pablo Ferguson 

Promoting the growth and development of the series that was immediately relegated upon the performance which was engraved in the world cup series as in 34 matches he was able to score around 409 runs and was widely appreciated for the batting skills.