Cricket is one of the most well-known sports to demonstrate decency and discipline. However, as time passes, people continue to change their style and appearance to appear more attractive in the eyes of others. Several players

have good tattoo that represents something they are manifesting.

 1. Faf Du Plessis

He represents South Africa in international cricket and has tattoos on his body that tell different stories. He has a tattoo on the side of his ribs because he believes that by the grace of God, his life has transformed, and he is living his best life. The other is 'Dies a Domino XVII I MMXI on his right arm.

2. KL Rahul

He represents the Indian cricket team. He has numerous tattoos on his body .He has a tatoo of a lighthouse on his left forearm, a star sign, Aries and another of a clock representing the time he was born. The Open Eye  tattoo on his left bicep is the other.

3. Virat Kohli

He is an Indian national cricketer with around 11 tattoos on his body. And each of them has a profound thought. He has God eye on his left shoulder andOM above it, representing peace and spiritualism, and Japanese Samurai warrior  on his left upper arm. Aside from these, he has inked his mother and father names, & Saroj and Prem  respectively. There are numerous other small tattoos.

4. Kevin Pietersen

He was a former England international. After beginning his career in England ,he inked three lions on his arm to symbolize his devotion to his new home. He also has a large map on his back with 36 red stars and one for each international century.

 5. Ben Stokes

He plays international cricket for England. Stokes has numerous tattoos on his body. Ben's family has represented a large tattoo of a lion family. On his left arm, he has a Kiri huti Maori design, as the national flower of England & Rose Aside from these, he has numerous other tattoos, some of which are flowers and others of our leaves.

6. Hardik Pandya

He plays international cricket for India. He has a total of eight ink tattoos. His peace tattoo is on his left arm, and the tiger tattoo represents strength and courage. He has inked  Never Give Up on his right arm to boost his motivation,quot Paws &quot on his neck because he loves dogs, and another tattoo says Life to succeed or die trying.’

7. Mitchell Johnson

He is an international player from Australia. Nearly are three or four tattoos .He inked Japanese-Koi, cherry blossom tattoo on his arm represents &quot Luck.& quot; The other tattoo is a large  Dragon, and Panther represents good luck.

8. Dale Steyn

He is a South African professional cricketer who is well-known for his love of tattoos, having tattooed his entire left arm. During an interview with the Times  of India, he stated that his tattoo has a patriotic theme quot  Its the three proteas, quota group of flowering plants native to South Africa.

9. Lasith Malinga

He is a professional cricketer from Sri Lanka, and his first tattoo was on two occasions: the first was when he began playing for his country (Sri Lanka), and the second was when he took four wickets in four balls in a row. He also has his wife's name tattooed on his forearm, along with the words Destiny says it all. His final tattoo is a lion on his bicep.

10. Brendon McCullum

He represents New Zealand in cricket. He has many tattoos on his body that have meaning. The upper arm tattoo is CXXV which depicts the symbol of ODI Cap No.126, his jersey number ;XLII, and a similar  which represents Test Cap No.224. He's also inked his wedding ring on his left finger because he can't play with it.