The first-ever Test Match was played between Australia and England in 1877. After this, other cricket nations began playing this format of cricket. India is the following country that started to play Test Cricket. Tests are the oldest and longest known cricket form. ICC recognizes its members and grants them Tests status. The Associate nations do not play Test Cricket. Over 2000 Tests Matches by 13 teams are played as of now.

1. England

The English cricket team was the first country to play cricket and is believed to be the inventor of cricket. England started playing Test Cricket in 1877, and the first captain of the test team was James Lillywhite. Till now, 699 players have played test cricket from England's side. The team played 1042 Tests and won 378 of them. It is the most Test match that any country has played. Their win percentage is 36.27.

2. Australia

Australian Cricket Team stands at number two in our list of top countries who have played most test matches. The Australian team played its first Test match in 1877, and till now, they have played 836 Tests. The first Test captain of England was DW Gregory. With an extraordinary win rate of 47.24, the team has won 395 tests. Almost 462 Australian players have got the opportunity to play in ODI.

3. West Indies

West Indies is the third country that has played the highest number of test matches. The team made its Test Appearance in 1928 and has played 560 tests. RK Nunes captained the team in their first Test Match. West Indies has a record for winning 178 tests out of the total matches they have played, with a win rate of 31.78. The team, however, has lost 204 tests till now.

4. India 

Indian Cricket Team stands at the fourth position in our top 10 lists. The Indian team played its first Test match in 1932 against England. CK Nayudu captained the team in the match. Stating well before its independence, India has played 557 Tests, winning 165 of them and losing 171. Two hundred twenty(220) games were declared a draw. The win percentage in these Tests is 29.62.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand cricket team played its first Test Match in 1930. The team has played the fifth-highest number of Tests which equals 451 games. The first Test Captain of New Zealand was TC Lowry. The New Zealand cricket team is the first to win the World Test Championship 2019-2021. They have won 107 Tests, lost 176, and drew 168 with a win percentage of 23.72.

6. South Africa

Placing their foot in Test Cricket, two years later than England and Australia, South Africa is the third country to play test cricket. The South African cricke team played its first Test match in 1889 and has played 445 games till now. They have won 169 of them, lost 152, and drew 124 with a win percentage of 37.97. The first Test captain of South Africa was OR Dunell.

7. Pakistan

Giving a chance to almost 246 Pakistan players, so far, the Pakistan Cricket Team made its Test debut in 1952. The first Test captain of Pakistan was AH Kardar, who captained the team during the 1952 Test. The team has played 441 tests, won 145,  lost 134, and drew 162 with a win percentage of 32.87.

8. Sri Lanka

Besides being the top eighth country with most Tests matches, Srilanka also has the highest number of Tests wickets. The Sri Lanka  team played their first Test Match in 1982, and B Warnapura captained the Test team. They have played 299 games till now and won 95 of them. The win rate in these Test matches is 31.77.

9. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the tenth country to begin playing Test cricket and played its first test match in 2000 when Naimur Rahman captained the team. So far in their test career, they have played 126 Tests and won 15 of them. Their win rate is as less as 11.9 percent. The team has given chances to about 99 players to play in test cricket from Bangladesh.

10. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe began playing Test cricket in 1992 and is the last country in our top 10 list of countries who have played most Tests. The Zimbabwe cricket team has played 115 Tests. However, they could will only 13 of them. They lost 74 matches, and there was a tie in the 28 games. The first Test Captain from Zimbabwe was DL Houghton.